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Bullies At My Local Store Find A New Tactic

by Sarah
(United Kingdom)

The two bullies working at my local store have taken to walking away from their place of work every time I come into the store to shop.

Although they have BOTH cut back on their hours of work since I complained anonymously about their underhanded tactics directed at me while in the shopping isles they still like to make it known that I am not welcome in the store.

One of them still works on the checkout. When I come in, and provided she is not checking out some groceries, she gets up and walks away from the till. The other one who works mainly in the fruit and vegetable section ALWAYS walks away from there and literally disappears from the shop floor altogether while I am in the store shopping. I have counted this on virtually every occasion I have walked in through the doors, so I am pretty sure it's not my imagination.

There is nothing I can do. Let them walk away if they want. I can't complain about that, as long as their behaviour is not aggressive and threatening.

I don't know what anyone else thinks of this behaviour: is it childish, immature or what?

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Possible Fix?
by: Anonymous

Get a small video camera. Then as they go by, film what they do, and also the license plate. Then post on youtube, and then post it to google, with the full license plate number.

Tell your audience they are sexually harassing a woman older than them. If you can, approach a friend of theirs, offer 20$ American equivalent (quid?) for their names. Then post the names with it.

Offer money for the names, and pay for it, but not much. This is how they get people to do things, too. Fight fire with fire.

Update...November 14th, 2011
by: Susan

As I said in my previous post, I no longer use the store where the trouble started; and because of the menacing atmosphere.
But the mobbing seems to have reached street level.
I had a kid just a few days ago shout across at me in front of his two female companions,
'There she is, over there.'he shouted out loud.
They were obviously on their way home from school, in their uniforms.
And two women who passed me last month. As I was walking past them, one turned to the other and said,
'Mind the little hoe!' I think 'hoe' translates as 'whore.'
Not long before I met them, a car passed me with it's windows down. The occupant was wearing dark glasses. They began to scream at me as they went past. Coincidence? It's too early to say.
You know, I've done nothing wrong really. 'They' or 'it' just needed fresh meat.
That probably makes no sense to the average reader, but it is how I feel.
I've started a blog of my diary on Google, relating the incidents and how this group/gang seem to want to make things worse.
There is a crime being committed, but I can't do anything about it. I am not sure the police would take it seriously.
In short, 'they' are corrupting our community. I know I am not alone. I have been in touch with others on the Web who understand where I am coming from.
This is happening all over the world, and shows no signs of abating.
I put these things in writing, in case I am hurt some day.
There needs to be a record for the police to access. I hope this site can help in some way in case things get worse. Thank you.

by: Sarah

I no longer use the store where all the trouble began. I suspect that the Management are colluding in what is going on because of their own 'behaviour' when they have seen me.
However, the slur campaign seems to be going ahead unabated, as there are people now who I have never met before, who give me awful sneery looks in the street.
I try to ignore them. They will even try that trick when I am in the car with Keith. Sometimes it IS more gratifying to throw it right back in their faces, by giving them my own 'sneery' look.
I have videos of strange behaviour, which I have uploaded from a covert camera. But they are not enough for any court to accept that something is amiss or bad going on. The police would not accept them as viable evidence.
These guys are so clever. They have made sure (so far) that there is nothing tangible that could be accepted as proof of what I say.
I know I am not mad. I know exactly what is going on.

Unevolved pillocks... Trinity.
by: Sarah

Just have to say that you are absolutely right Trinity. You were not wrong in saying I should find another store.
I wrote to Head Office explaining what had happened, and Head Office got in touch with the store yesterday.
When my complaint was made to the store, they took all my details and said they would file them away.
When asked about this by Head Office,they denied they knew anything about it and said they had never heard of it.
That is how important it was to them.
Anyway, I wrote this just for the record.

Re; Bullies at the store
by: Sarah

It is difficult to find another store because it's not so easy for me to get about. I don't own a car and it's a bit out in the sticks. I've suggested moving house to another location but I don't know if that's in the pipeline either.
Every time I go in there I'm now met with strange stares by about half of the staff, or I am completely ignored. Happened again today. I try to ignore them but it looks as if things are 'kicking off' again in there.
It's like being in a horror movie. I think they are 'perps' who just want to make a scapegoat out of someone, but I know who I can trace it back to - just one person who started it all.
I have a covert camera now so I might try to get some pictures of it. Although it won't change anything it means that I can at least prove it. If I'm going insane I can prove that to myself as well. We'll see.

Unevolved Pillocks
by: Trinity

They are pathetic unevolved adolescent mentalitied pillocks. Find another store and don't keep victimising yourself by being treated like that. After a while it does begin to hurt, even if you know that they are silly.

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