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Bullying Help For Your Child

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By Anton Hout, Founder,

Total Bullying Solution Review

I was contacted recently about a unique and effective approach to bullying help... here's part of what they shared.

"Like you and many of your readers, my family has also experienced the destructive effects of bullying (my step-son, has been targeted by some aggressively dominant kids).

In my effort to help him, I've done extensive research to understand both the causes and cures for social cruelty.

This quest has led me to develop a friendship with Adam Blum. For almost two decades, Adam has been successfully helping his students overcome bullying, and he's recently developed an excellent learn at home program. The Total Bully Solution is an easy to follow, step-by-step course that teaches parents how to empower their kids to effectively deal with real world conflict. After employing some of the strategies in Adam's program, I can honestly say that there's been a significant improvement in my step-son's situation."

I was given full access to the entire Total Bully Solution program including all the videos and bonus material. I must admit, at first I was very skeptical. But as I went through the material it made a lot of sense and addressed why the usual approaches just don't work.

When we first begin looking for bullying help most of us hope that the school will deal with the bullying at school in a helpful, proactive manner. Many are shocked by the response of school administrators. At many schools, teachers, principals and counselors are genuinely concerned and do what they can to intercede. In most cases, however, parents hear nothing but denials or even accusations that their child brought it on themselves. In many cases the school's agenda is not protecting your child; it is protecting the school from litigation, so they will not want to admit that anything is going on.

So the bullying continues and escalates as there is no real bullying help for your child from the school. Your child may then even face retaliation from the bully and their friends and things get worse and worse. Some parents have even been forced to move their child to a different school.

But switching schools often does not work and the bullying starts all over again at the new school. That's because all schools have a bullying problems. So the question becomes what can your child do to stop them from being targeted? Could there really be things your child is doing that make them tempting targets for bullies?

That's where Adam Blum and his Total Bullying Solution program comes in. He explains the fact of the matter of why bullies bully, how they choose their targets and what causes them to go after your child again and again.

Keep in mind that no matter what the teasing is about (your child is too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, whatever) there are usually other kids that have the same characteristics that are not being bullied. So what is it about your child that sets them up for bullying?

This is not about blaming the victim. It is about taking an objective look at the situation and evaluating what factors are contributing to the problem so you can take practical steps to affect real change with bullying help that works.

The fact is that bullies are getting a payoff by going after your child. If your child becomes angry, fearful or upset it rewards the bully. The bully feels powerful and has provided his or herself (and their friends) with some entertainment.

So there are a couple of things that need to happen before bullying will stop. Your child has to accept responsibility, not for the bullying, but for their reactions to the bullying. Your child has to learn to not reward the bully with an emotional response. They have to "not care" about the bullying. This is not the same as pretending to not be upset while their lower lip is quivering – bullies will sense that and still get their payoff.

So how can you help your child get to the place where they no longer dance like an emotional puppet for the bully's amusement?

Bullying Help – Step-By-Step

Adam's The Total Bully Solution has been well thought out and provides a step-by-step process that you can go through together with your child. The program gets results but will require an honest commitment on your part. You will even have to take a cold hard look at your own parenting style to see if there are things that you are doing that may be contributing to the problem.

If you are not prepared to be honest with yourself and your child and are not willing to work with your child through the steps, this program is not for you.

But when you consider the stakes, and that the alternatives just don't work, the decision is clear. Something has to be done and you can't leave it to the school, bystanders or the bully's parents – it's up to you to protect your child and give them the tools to become more resilent and protect themselves.

The skills taught by Adam will
serve your child not only in school but
throughout their lives.

Total Bully Solution provides a guidebook, worksheets and templates and the main program in 24 instructional videos to give your child the bullying help they need. It covers behavioral issues, use of force to stop bullying and life skills that your child will need to prevent bullying from happening in the future.

Some parents may have a problem with teaching thier child to use force to resolve problems. But having the knowledge of how to defend themselves is fundamental to confidence and emotional control. It will also immediately make them less likely of a target to begin with.

The fact is your child may be getting into fights now, even if they aren't telling you about it. But now they are doing it out of fear or anger and frustration and their fighting is ineffectual and may even be providing more amusement for the bully. They need real bullying help and not to be told just to ignore the bully – that won't work when they are being beaten up.

No, if your child is assaulted they need to know how to effectively defend themselves, with confidence and self-control. In most cases standing up to a bully will end the bullying. You may have some experience with this from your own school years. I know I do. Every time I stood up to a bully and fought, the bullying stopped. Sometimes the bully and I even became friends.

Bullies do not want to risk humiliation themselves. If your child can first stop rewarding the bully with emotional responses (always) and has the capability of defending themselves physically they will no longer be a tempting target. The bullying will be dramatically reduced and their self-esteem and confidence will soar.

If You Are Serious About Getting Your Child Bullying Help...

As I mentioned there is a lot of material in Adam's program and it has proven results that can help your child, but it will require a commitment from you and your child. Do you want the bullying help enough to do something about it? If so, here is what you will receive when you buy the Total Bullying Program:

  • The Total Bully Solution Master Text

  • Total Bully Solution Work Book

  • Template for official communication with the school principal and template for the superintendent of schools.

  • Special Report: How to escape from a head-lock

  • Special Report - protecting students from sexual harassment

  • Special Report - Protecting Students from Harassment and Hate Crime - A Guide for Schools

  • 24 Instructional Videos

The 24 Instructional Videos are the meat of the program and will guide you step-by-step through the exercises you and your child will go through. This is the best bullying help program of its kind that I have seen. Imagine your child after going through the program, self-esteem restored, confident and no longer terrified and humiliated at school.

Considering the results and the lifelong benefit to your child, the program is well worth it many times over. Currently it is only $97 for the entire program. I think you'll agree that if it works, it would be a shame to not at least give it a try. But what if it doesn't work for you? If you've given it an honest try and followed the step-by-step program and you are not seeing the results your child needs, Adam offers a "better than 100% guarantee". That means you get all your money back and keep the entire program too. That's a fair offer.

So my recommendation is that you order The Total Bully Solution. Get started getting your child the bullying help they need today. If it works (and it has a track record that it does) then great – you've made the best investement in your child's well-being and future happiness and success that you could ever make. Otherwise you still get all your money back, but at least you tried to do something and will have taken away many valuable lessons.

Get Your Child the
Bullying Help They Need Here!


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