What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Ex-Girlfriend Has History Of Ruining Ex-Boyfriends' Lives

by Survivor53
(Honea Path, SC)

An ex-girlfriend literally told me that Sheriffs were corrupt, that she had ruined several ex-boyfriends' lives, and that it was easy to talk fundamental Christians into doing horrible things to people (even though she was an atheist). She even mentioned gaslighting and street theater, stating that street theater was good practice for actors (she had a four year degree in theater from a liberal arts school, and had even played a part in a school play in which she had been repeatedly raped by a correction guard).

After we broke up,I made the mistake of telling someone that she had herpes. That was all it took for her to lie to law enforcement in Central Indiana, and the gangstalking began.

I moved to the Upstate portion of South Carolina, and it has not just continued, but worsened. In both places I have experienced workplace mobbing, breaking and entering with petty theft and gaslighting in both my residence and car, vandalism, and stalking in public.

DEFINITELY law enforcement is behind it, with the help of mindless puppets living in the community. If not in this life, they will pay for it in the next life. Stay strong in Gods word and trust that HE is your protector.

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