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Experience Being A Targeted Individual In Western Australia

by Whitezombie1986 - Anon perth targeted individual
(Perth , Western Australia)

I kept my name anonymous for personal reasons. I'm 29, from Perth Western Australia. There is no support network like in the USA, Canada etc. I made my own support network andI talk with people around Australia and the world.

Everyone I have opened up to say it's a mental illness and don't give a shit or act like theres no such thing as what I'm describing... then I hear their voices, always few hours after seeing them in person, and they say no its not in my head but they don't give away how or where they are doing this like a HQ.

I know certain people who are ex-military and has worked a tactical team targeting criminals and gun for hire and they could definitely educate and show the rest of gang stalker perps how to teach them carry out all this with their cpu knowledge as well as specialised equipment knowledge and military like structure.

I started hearing voices last year around the house. I was a bit of a hermit rarely leaving the house. I remember asking a friend if he could hear that and he did say yes. now I think back and I think he may have just been saying it so he could carry on with what he was doing.

I would hear more and more peopleI KNEW as time went on. I had an argument with one of my parents and ended up being gripped by the chest leaning over the kitchen sink and then parent left. I went to police station not to put a statement in bout what happened. I was sick of hearing voices. I thought I might be able to report it and get somewhere back to a normal life... WRONG... they put me into a mental ward and I stayed for 3 weeks.

I guess this was how I started coping with living with voices. Yes, I still heard them even with medication; I hear them 24/7 different people at different times like shifts, someI recognised would be night owls in general and I'd hear them at night into early morning, some were only during the day. I've heard family members, friends, co-workers, even people I only newly met (can't remember who atm) I DO NOT HEAR DEAD PEOPLE... this puzzled me at first because I thought I've heard about people hearing dead people but this was completely new to me.

After multiple suicide attempts I decided thats not the answer. Just learn and investigate any and all information I could find related to my situation and gang or cause stalking fits what they are doing.

I have literally heard a family member who corrected me when (with my thoughts not speaking) and said "no, its cause stalking" trying to make it sound like what they were doing wasn't as harsh as gang stalking, I hear their voices like this.

(Pretend you are talking to me) I repeat in my head what you have just mentioned in other words listening. A voice witch I shall name "speaker" will repeat what has been said and this is being said to a GROUP of people who then analyze, mock, discredit, and pick apart everything they hear and I can hear more than just a few in one day/night.

Problem is they cant tell the difference between what I've said and what person I'm talking to said, for example, a racist joke been said by other person, voices automatically say I'M RACIST... "you racist cunt" said by a voice of a guy I know who I've even been threatened by on social media instant message and on more than one occasion.

They can read my thoughts, my speech, almost every action like in a third person view not 1st person. I don't think they are using that sort of technology (well I hope not), my bodily functions (I twitch ... then they say I'm "shrugging" like I'm saying "so what" to their commands… was watching a movie and my arm twitched ... get over it, LOL, they couldn't be more wrong.

I found myself justifying myself as to how the situation/conversation ACTUALLY happened like word for word I'd have to stop and say "no I did not say that PERSON X said it... and yes again it's "me or my fault it was said."

As I've typed this I've ignored them making them angry they are taking turns saying " fuck you," "Little cunt, we are trying to help you." Some of it's muffled from too many words being fired outta the chamber, some very very vivid and clear. I recognise two of them both being relatives and their spouse ... another "fuck you cunt" verifying what I've just typed.

I can tell you for once they are frustrated and I'm calm which is a change on the old pyramid them being on top like an apex predator at the top of the food chain.
All my passwords, emails, logins basically ALL my private info is compromised.

Some have used my details to recently register a car without my knowledge. I found out by receiving an invoice from a towing company that impounded it that I owe them in excess of $300 dollars and this came to my attention before Christmas (ruined my Christmas) and to this day still sits there and I haven't heard anything about it, they even changed my mailing address so I wouldn't get mail (transfer papers) and have forged my signature. How the fuck did they not get asked for ID?

My screen on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 just had the screen flick like a snapshot of screen just happened or it could be nothing... cant be too careful these days with all this going on.

I was out driving earlier on and I could hear people we left behind at a place we were going back to, "fuck you, you lying cunt" just heard (they can get repetitive sometimes) saying the same bloody thing but getting no reaction outta me, because I used to be a quiet and angsty person they are used to my attitude changing quick with a smartass reply by me and I haven't bothered with their "vagina monolouge" or "verbal diarrhea." It's all cursing anyway.

The web page I created is

There I share info, experience, and advice on being a Targeted Individual. Feel free to check it out. Thank you for reading my bits in pieces. I could remember but all I've been through is not typed on here because there's just so many.

Peace out n stay alive. It's what they want to do is make you look insane. Be careful of who you tell if you're suffering this torture like myself. "A listening ear can be a running mouth."

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by: James

I am Targeted by Greedy Contractors without self respect who will do anything for money. This is a pure form of Slavery because I am subjugated by these Moron Contractors who are in the equivalent of a cloistered cult and so they have a hive mind among them. This is what you all have waiting for you. They infiltrate neighborhood watch groups and they do target individuals but they also spy on all of the people in the people in the neighborhood. The NSA wants to know what you all think in the privacy of your own homes.. You see, they already had all your email and all your phone calls recorded and they just wanted to know if any of you are waking up to corruption and are figuring out if you are saying anything bad about the spy agencies. What they really want to know is which of you is well spoken and a natural leader so that they can target you the way I am targeted dont your know.. Yeah, see it turns out that they dont want people sticking around who can think for themselves and who others may listen to. They would really want you to listen to the moron contractors who are embedded in your neighborhood. If you dont like to follow what the moron contractors have to say then they will target you with second by second surveillance like me.

me too
by: Frogs


Is this page still active. I'm starting to think it's christianists.

Basically we live in a society of gang stalking. It's completely commonplace. So it is difficult to tell.

by: Perth6167

I forgot to add my email to my last note, in case you want to contact:

Targeted Individual In Western Australia
by: Perth6167

Wanted to add that my pursuers (maybe neighbours and/or NSA in Australia) also frequently say they are trying to help me, which as you mentioned on facebook, they have in no way ever tried to. They also say they're the government, they don't swear as much as yours do, they force nightly approx 10pm sexy thing, are almost always nasty, putdowns, accusations, tried to drive me to suicide and have told me to do it 100's of times, have threatened to kill me, roast me, rape me (they did gang rape me once), you get the picture.
Mostly I think this is all done by evil locals, but some evidence (mechanically produced hi-pitched tuning sounds maybe 6khz to 9khz) every few days, and when travelling.
Don't let them win please. I fight them by attacking them like a witch hurting them in their dinosaur brain. That's all that's worked.
Suggestion: I've read it takes up to 4 months to clear this after you move and break the ties with the assailants. Can you go to Queensland for a while? Better than suffering.
I found the range of my attackers around 550kms, and then new people hounded me consistently.
Anyway, if you want you can email. I dont want to meet, but maybe be nice to coordinate ideas and share info.

I have had the same evil shit for three years.
by: Perth6167

Hi, I recognise some of your statements from Experience Being A Targeted Individual In Western Australia
I get two of them exactly all the time.

I have only in my home to no one thought utloud about Iraq massmurder and pillage, and Roman Catholic church IMO being behind most evil shit on Earth, I didn't think I culd be heard, but I became targeted through two houses of christian (telepathic) neighbours.

I have tried to turn this predatrial attack around and to use the various mindgame playing scum that eventually became involved, for my own purposes nd extensive study of religion, esp, witchcraft, how to hurt them, etc.

Hurting them is hard to explain, but briefly, get two radiator hoses, hit one on the other and imagine you are smashing their reptilian brain stem with the impact ofthe rubber hose, badass viscious t kill them even, also driving their bodies life energy out of them with each strike, then when all is gone, seal the wound you've created (rbs) saying no more energy in or out. Three nights of this and none of this evil witch bastard are keen to return, and half of them are now afraid of me. My original perpetrator neighbour who tried to kill me 7+ times, drive me from my home three times over 21 months and clinically (telepathically) gang raped me. She ran away from me when I got serious after 24 months and has never returned to her house once in 5 months. What a waste of life!

In time the local christian and catholic church were involved. But more importantly the NSA equivalent in Eastern States of Oz got involved (asio?), I believe their synthetic telepathy project and other black funded electronic projects, including an upgrade about 5 years ago to haarp array (2 in WA & 1 in NT) integration, is motivaed by catholic church (at least last 5 directors were r.catholic, as were the last 5 directors of the cia were jesuit catholics = suspicious).

It appears the NSA program AI routines to control TI's. Usually use on disidents or worse. These run 24/7 and change tracks once in a while. Check at 6.10am to say 6.35am WA time (while daylight savings over east), they change my tracks weekdays (it's obvious). They seem to have ~ 6-8 staff weekdays and 2 staff else time, who respond to signals from the Cray array algorithms (with many person profiles recorded from famous people, friends etc, they use the haarp 2 intersecting beam to input/output to your brain as well as many people you interact with. This is explained by others on the net. But I am still working out details.

I am building a 3rd more complex full body synthetic telepathy shield at the moment, and have had fair success with the 1st two. Perhaps 70% and 90% was blocked.

Psychology is about returning people to work mostly. They know nothing about reality it seems, though a psychiatrist and a mental health nurse I have known personally (briefly) are both telepathic big time, and both consider people sick who claim to hear voices and are telepathic as they are (so is the mayor, some austpost, coles, woolies workers, the current and last PM, the state head dude and about 6-7% of everyone 24/7 it is believed. The difference is is if you fit in with the christian order dominating I have discovered.

I'll leave it there, but wish you the best and to believe in yourself. Society's crap, even evil. So if you are ill get help, if you're being fucked around, leave the area if possible, fighting I think is a losers game generally.

by: Anonymous

Ok so they have said new things which i dont know are true, ive been called a paedofile , rapist, and ill be going to jail...
Apparantly "anonymous " is helping them and funding them, i thought they were working with police , because at one point they said "we are all here" at a police station a few suburbs away from me, ive been threatened with violence and death over $20....
Ive been harrassed and bullied to do favours for people inc. their parents... When i said "no more" because id been fucked around by one of these people asking for a lift they became angry, abusive , condesending ...
I had memories come flooding back to me the other night of what some of these people have done around the start of all this , when i was suicidal i was treated like " if u dont have "something" for me i cant help" ..... I heard them before phone call (v2k), during phone call (through phone obviously) and after phonecall (v2k) , this was the nail in the coffin that proved to me that im being cause/ gang/predatory/electronic stalked
I had alot of stuff documented on paper which i tore up when i was admitted to mental ward and felt defeated...
I actually remember all of it now....
I tried hanging myself, cutting my arm, shoving sword through my mouth towards top of skull, tried hara kiri, tried driving head on to power pole/ oncoming traffic, od'ing on pills ... I couldnt commit and not once did they physically try and help me (just heard "fuck you")
But since then i still do get suicidal thoughts but dont act upon it.
Ive heard absolutely everyone and i havnt once been asked if im ok by these perps just judgemental stuff , i had a mate rock up the other day saying its now happening to him and it is happening the same way it begin with me
Ill post more when i got more battery power my phone is about to die

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