What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Former Extrovert

by Lawrence
(New York, NY)

I was a very outgoing person until 2006. I returned to my hometown after 20 years to rebuild. It began almost immediately.

The first incident was when an apparent gay man intentionally touched me for the sole purpose of getting an angry knee-jerk reaction. I verbally confronted him and his attitude was extremely disrespectful and it was as if he was trying to get me to become violent, which he was. After I walked away I thought it was over but it was only the beginning.

Since then there has been many incidents of "Street Theatre", weird noises, my vehicle has been broken into and vandalized. Some who I thought were my friends no longer are, some of my family members no longer interact with me, and I no longer am able to make friends and be the outgoing person that I used to be.

This behavior increases especially around the holidays and holiday weekends. There was an incident where I did actually have a physical altercation with a perp and after he woke up he tried to get me in trouble. I was able to lie my way through it but it didn't stop anything in fact it got worse because they realized that I do have a breaking point.

I did enjoy a little victory and it felt sooo good to kick some Gang-Stalking ass but, in the end it didn't help. I believe that it is the Government that is behind it all with the help of the local police and other local agencies.

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small towns suck
by: Anonymous

How well I understand what happens in small towns.
My story is too long to go into here but after 47 years of mobbing I finally have learned to walk away from them, give them no ammunition for yet more attacks. Until some media with power wakes up and defends we victims, we can do no more For certain, we cannot change psychopaths. At least I don't know of a cure.
Small towns needs strong people to stand up to the bullies but it takes so much endurance most folks opt to move away again. So the mindless run the towns to rack and ruin, with no imagination or creativity to solve problems.
Do the best you can in life, is all I know. Stay true to yourself and you will come out the winner.

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