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Gangstalking, Truth Or Myth?

The world needs to wake up and see that the word gangstalking is just a coverup for what is really happening in the world. The truth is that illegal surveillance and illegal police stings are taking place. Plus let's not forget about government watch lists that are being sent to your local law enforcement. The lists can also be a local law enforcement list.

I have been a target and a survivor since 2006. If I was not a religious person I believe I would be already dead from the mental and physical abuse I have suffered. There where many nights that I was gassed and electrocuted and I did not think I would live long enough to see the daylight hours the next morning.

I have read a lot of blogs and stories on the Internet and my opinion is at least half or more of these sites are to get attention for outlandish made up stories that never occurred. I would say the stories on hitech weapons used to destroy innocent people could probably be true.

As a victim of these evil games you do not get to see what the tormentors are using on you to destroy your well being and to ruin humanity. I have done my own investigations, soul searching and relived my past to find out why someone would put me through a living hell every night.

I am over a hundred and fifty percent sure that I am right about the sources that are hunting me down. In reality these individuals are not going to let you see them or find out their identity because they have too much to lose if they're caught by you or anyone else. That's why you have to do investigations and figure it out yourself.

The individuals that I know are doing criminal acts against me I would of never thought it would be them because of the honor of the badge and their oath to serve and protect. But, reality is what it is. I can't change what they are doing or why they think the way they do.

I end this by saying do not count anyone out when it comes to finding the truth. I can say to other targets that the organizations or people that are trying to ruin their lives are not pedophiles and everyday working people. Also there is not over a hundred people watching them either. The schemes are to made it look that way.

Knowledge is going to be a big part in finding out the truth behind your torment. Never give up on finding out the real truth because the truth is waiting on you to find it.

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gangstalking/rural mobbing
by: Anonymous

This is so similar to the mobbing hell I have been through in rural Kansas for 47 years... and no one hears or cares because I am a now a vintage woman left to die alone. Women have little value in rural America except to placate a man's every need. I refused to accept spousal abuse and this is the price I pay. But I am a survivor and the Truth is starting to emerge. We must stand strong against the worst EVIL known in history. Stay strong and never never give up. We must find each other and support one another thru this HELL.

People are targeted differently
by: Anonymous

Look up Kay Griggs. Ms. Griggs was married to high ranking Marine. She has a long interview about the military and she describes the tactics used in organized stalking and electronic harassment. I am on the 3 video and she describes the tactics very well.

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