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Gangstalking With Spraying Chemicals And Electronic Harassment

Hello there. About 3 weeks ago I started getting gangstalked and the spraying of chemicals in Jamestown, North Dakota. I live in a place called the sro and I think the manager is giving the key to other tenants to spray chemicals on my blankets, pillows, and clothes.

I was stressed out so I went to a crisis unit and it started happening there too. My truck is also being broken into to spray chemicals on my seats.

They are also electronically harassing me I believe with their cell phones.

Does anyone know what kind of chemicals used? Anyone know how I can make this go away?


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by: Anti Gangstalking Malaysia

Hi. I have been gangstalked for almost 11 years now. I would really appreciate more info on chemicals used and ways to detect them. I have read abt HazMat Strips and will use it soon. But if i could get more info on other methods of identifying the chemicals, i would really appreciate it. Btw i run a page on FB as my name suggest.


It's done with technology
by: Anonymous

They are able to spray your possessions and house without actually being there. They can "gas" you in a way that it's undetectable to you.

The chemicals could be:

- Pesticides
- Heavy metals
- Radioactive chemicals

Good luck.

chemicl aduse 20 years of documented evidense!
by: Anonymous

20 years of abuse. I have written a book of evidence! Need an attorney! Latest exposure 07/27/16. Documented.

The Story starts when a Employment office calls Stuart and asks him to go work in Eldorado, Ar for 2 years then sue for $40,000,000 ?

Little did Stuart know his life would be changed forever.

Facing intentional chemical exposure in the work place while working as a computer analysts in Corporate America.. The challenge of trying to fight through the bureaucracy, politics, and a conspiracy to rob me of my Intellectual Property, patents, and copyrights.

Then a Hillary Clinton former secret service agent – named Robert Fxxx - whose card officially listed him as ‘retired’ have interrupted Stuart during an evening out this past year, directly insinuating himself between Stuart and his guest while having drinks at the Arlington Hotel? He then walked Stuart out to the steps leading up to the lobby entrance while explaining he used to be on the former first lady’s detail (Hillary Clinton) while directly inquiring about Stuart’s intentions. He asked Stuart "What do you think about Hillary Clinton"? Stuart replied, "I think she will be our first Queen."

While Hillary Clinton, herself, may not know Stuart’s name, it’s apparent someone within her close organization does and they have been instructed to keep an ever watchful eye on him.

After four meetings with the former Secret Service Agent, the Agent gave Stuart an unsigned government non-disclosure document. Stuart gave the Agent a USB stick containing a watered down story of his last 20 years.

The real story is in this book ’Trust But Verify, A Great Injustice’.

Hope you enjoy this eye opening book.


I doubt it is your manager
by: Anonymous

First of all, your manager might not be involved in the harassment. I promise you that if you moved the breaks in would continue to happen no matter how many times you did. I don't think you understand how good these people are at framing everyone around you. They make you think it's a localized problem but really the person behind it is in a room on a computer somewhere.

Second of all, the chemicals are irritants, pesticides and possibly heavy metals/radioactive isotopes that are sprayed. They don't need to break in to contaminate you with it. This can be done all with technology. In some cases they may install a dispersant device in your air vents to gas you but this is no longer necessary. Again, you can be virtually gassed and even if you smell strong chemical odors it may be undetectable to others. This is the perfect crime.

Use Haz Mat Smart Strips
by: California

I have a nieighbor that is gang stalking me. They do lots of street theater in a group coordinated activity through chat apps, etc. which I could care less about. But the neighbor right next to me mixes toxic chemicals that produce Precipitate through Redox Reactions on week nights. I was racking my brains trying to figure out how to detect it, then I found these hazmat smart strips online for first responders and cops, etc. They are not cheap at $20 each but they work well and detected the chemicals. Now in addition to all of my reports and notes I have real data to prove illegal activity is going on. I plan to notify the home owners association, I am going to file a formal complaint and I am going to press charges with the help of an attourney. These types of assholes deserve everything they get too.

The Chems and Pesticides
by: Anthony's Friend

In answer, Anthony helped me out with his site.

Most chems and pesticides will break down with bleach, ammonia, Bon Ami (calcium carbonate) or Hydrogen Peroxide.

Used on me, ordered by an undersheriff in Los Alamos, New Mexico were imidaclorpid, glyphosate later, then a 3-acid Shower Cleaner with 2-butoxy ethanol, ammonium chloride, and phosphoric acid. They also used the phosphoric acid on my car. I watched the kid ,works for P & L Housekeeping, use a spray bottle to put a stream onto the roof of our car, behind our heads. Phosphoric acid makes your eyes tear, and causes migraines. Ammonia in a windex bottle followed by a car wash using acid/base to clean gets it done. Or just soap and water after the ammonia. Clothing has to be soaked for 8 hours.

The EPA has a free pesticide/herbicide manual the site here won't let me post to, it's in the sixth edition. If you write down your symptoms and then go to the symptom index, you can narrow is down, then look up the ways to neutralize, breakdown, or clear up the pesticides by using the proper name at ask.com together ith the words MSDS (material safety data sheet) at ask.com, you might have to use Tor software if they found your MAC i.d., they can use it to block your internet access. Imidacloprid needed Ativan, it's a benzodiazepine, cleanup once I found it (do a 6 inhale-exhale test, if symptoms increase greatly you have found it!), plus Benadryl. I used a t-51c gas mask to clean it up.

Glyphosate was used on Anthony too, both make you fumble a lot. Another one used is malathion, it smells awful, and is blackish green. All of them have antidotes. 2-butoxy ethanol has a side effect, when you clean it up, you then have to use calcium carbonate, it won't break down fully with ammonia, and it causes audial hallucinations. It's an acidic binder used in a lto of cleaning chemicals, but is often not listed o nthe bottle. It will make sounds like water running sound like voices, and will make you lose depth perception on sounds. To counter it, clean it up, then drink a half cup of vinegar to neutralize it in your system, wait 15 minutes, then follow with fruit juice. The symptoms ought to disappear fast.

Pesticides cause bad nerve and muscle aches and pains. The imidaclorpid also gives a side effect I had with bipolar drugs, where you wake up from your nightmares but not fully, so you imagine people breaking into your room. It will disappear with Ativan and Benadryl and cleanup.

I had imagined the chems on my car being in the front, but they were on the roof behind my head. If you climb on your bumper, look for white patches, cut-like marks In the paint, or what looks like dried hard water spots. If you lick your finger, and rub it thru and then put it into your mouth, if you found it your neck will swell. Most symptoms disappear with cleaning up the chem, and taking a shower too.

Hope that helps!

I don't know what Anthony means by dried hydrogen peroxide. I poured Calcium carbonate powder (Bon Ami cleanser) onto things I couldn't remove, like Ethanolamine, then followed with white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide liquid, then soap and water. Dawn can react with acids to form a white precipitate, Ajax the orange dishwashing liquid is cheaper, and much safer, and won't leave a coating. HTH.

Email me if needed. Anthony's site saved my life. It wasn't satellites, it was pesticides. Imidacloprid makes you delusional, have angry outbursts, and will make you feel like rays are coming down and making you overheat. That's because it's a concentrated version of nicotine as in cigarettes, and it washes the salt out of your system, so you pee constantly and can't maintain a low body temp. A quarter teaspoon of salt will help.


Criminal poisoning and multistalking victim
by: Anthony

I apologize for not posting my name here because my hope is that I can do at least some litigation before my statues run out and talking on gang stalking forums is a guarantee of being discredited.

However, I will answer your question about the alleged chemicals because I hope to help one person at least.

So here you go. There is the possibility that you can use a pump sprayer or ideally a hospital dry peroxide device to spray hydrogen peroxide on any contaminated surface. This will neutralize a whole class of toxins -especially pesticides.

In my case, the toxicologist found a large exposure to a restricted chlorophenol pesticide available to highway departments and other licensed applicators.

I don't want to give the name here because I don't want people buying it and using on somebody else.

However, almost any chlorinated pesticide is a neurological toxin and will provoke a severe allergic reaction with neurological and psychiatric effects if used criminally.


No way out
by: Anonymous

Gang stalking is a term created by the program used to discredit you when you report it. Unfortunately, gang stalking is slavery. Each person targeted by this form of slavery experiences different tactics. From my experience, there is no way out of this. This is government sponsored program. I have written to senators and representatives to no avail. I have reported to the DA. You have to be cautious as to how to report it to the police. Police will try to discredit you. Do not react to their tactics. Get a camera, audio recorder, body camera whatever you can to record what they are doing to you. I post my videos on you tube. They get sloppy at times so make sure you catch those and post them. The technology used to harass is incredible. They can force body movements, create muscle spasms, cramps, transfer electricity, just to name a few. These people are EVIL. They do not care for human life. What do you mean they use their phones for electronic harassment?

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