What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Government Retaliation

by Melissa
(Fontana, California)

About 11 years ago, a slander campaign known as bad jacketing was started while I was a youth detention officer in LA County. Bad jacketing is used to eliminate individuals from playing an effective role in an organization, movement, or community.

Over the years, fellow officers, friends, and community members were used to conduct psychological operations to force me out of my job. In 2010, I left my position as an auditor with the probation department to preserve my mental and physical health.

In 2011, I attempted to return to work in a different capacity. It was then when I realized that I was under 24 hour surveillance. I am currently harassed by my neighbors, community, law enforcement, military and others wherever I go. They use ordinary citizens, neighbor watch, government employees, criminals, and those that depend on the government to follow and harass me and reward them with housing assistance, gift cards, and other special favors.

As I am writing, my neighbor to the right rear set off an illegal firework to simulate a gun shot. On top of that, the noise is amplified by 3D sound projection. They use military grade weaponry with radiation to inflict cancer. My hair falls out.

I have reported this to local law enforcement but they refuse to assist and participate in the harassment. I see them parked at my neighbor's homes as they use their homes for surveillance posts. I am constantly reminded that I have no freedom and referred to as a slave.

My brother was set up by law enforcement and now he is serving time in jail for false and trumped up charges. All my complaints have been recorded but the government is trying to discredit me. The goal is to force an individual to either be homeless, institutionalized, or commit suicide. They use intimidation tactics by simulating gun shots and repeated buzz words such as funeral and murder.

I am writing on behalf of myself, those that it may affect in the future and all the innocent people targeted by the government.

Thank you.

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