What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Harassment, GangStalking, Unemployment, Weapons... USA

by KiMa

Hi Everyone, I read some of your experiences and I believe it's sad that we all have to go through horrible torture. I am also a targeted individual and have been since 2013, but it intensified in the beginning of 2014. I am currently unemployed and have been for approximately 15 months. I had a well-paying and hardworking career and a beautiful luxury apartment. Most of my earned income and plus my apartment is gone. I believe evil provoked my handler to pursue this action and inject me into this vicious program.

I was a government employee in Washington, DC. I had filed an EEO complaint because of unfair treatment (a variety of unfair treatment for approximately six years or more). After the complaint, I was blessed with a grade increase at a different organization, so I was able to leave. This is when the harassment began. Around the same time I was casually seeing a public servant person. He has been elected by high officials (politicians and attorneys) quite a few times to work on different public projects. I believe these two incidents have a lot to do with being a targeted individual.

My computer has been hijacked, mobile and LAN phone, harassed on the job (forced to leave, managers checking my desks and belongings, followed by on-the-job criminal investigation, followed on foot/car, by police officers, NO job :-(, forced to move in with relatives, harassed online, Wi-Fi hijacking, invasion of property panties, bra, earrings, call interruptions. People were in-and-out of my vehicle while I was at work. I have also had electronic harassment, TV flashing, microwave and beams. Humming sound, silent sound(rings), walls cracking in my house, phone tapped, phone calls made from house phone that we didn't do, skin is peeling off, my scalp have been burned quite a few times. I have been poisoned, diarrhea for seven days straight until I was able to get medicine. I would be on my way to an interview when I look in my purse and find two pairs of my panties wrapped up in a ball stashed at the bottom of my purse. I have been zapped in my genital area (once), pin w/sharp pinches (arms), involuntary movements while sleeping...

My family and friends have been harassed and stalked as well, also extended family. Their cars have been tampered with. There have been third party attempts to monitor their credit card spending.

I believe my handler instructed the program to program me to be a failure, lazy, lose motivation, file bankruptcy, or to do something illegal. I do not believe that I was chosen on a random basis, but out of simply revenge and jealousy. Each day I remind myself who I am and why I am here through the power of the Lord and this helps me get over my problems.

Guys, we need to support each other and alert the people who are not targeted about what's going on in the world and that there are truly some evil psychopaths out here preying on innocent people and willing to destroy humanity for personal gain whether it’s personal satisfaction or monetary gain. We also need to inform them that this global program is real and just because it’s not happening to them doesn't mean that it’s not happening at all.

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by: Anonymous

Your story is pretty much consistent with mine. I think that, for the most part, everyone is aware of what is going on. I met a few that didn't. This one person I know for sure didn't know who I was or about me until he left the room room. His attitude was different when he came back. I knew he was reviewing the LIES they spread about me. I even asked him if he was reading anything interesting. He knew it was wrong. There was this girl that was encouraging him to harass me. My point is that many know about the program. I've been to Legoland, Disneyland, Catalina Islan. They all know what's going on. People accept it. They don't care. The reason why they call it gang stalking is because it's one big sociopath/psychopath gang full of cowards. I've seen the face of evil. They enjoy it. Others go along to get along.

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