What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Haunted Offices And Streetes In Penza, Russia

by Ada

Dear foreign friends, I just want you to know the truth about what happens to me in my native city Penza, Russia. It is a nightmare, le cauchemar, ein Albtraum. It is framed up by the maniac of Ukrainian origin, whose parents are teachers of mathematics at Penza state pedagogical university. Many accessories in crime and coconspirators assist the maniac. He has crime affiliations, “coats” and contacts among authorities.

It was an incitement to suicide. They did everything to lead me to suicide – they did not only LISTEN TO THE PHONES AND READ MY EMAILS, obviously making screenshots from my computer, they PASSED the information TO MY JOB every day. People in Russia are hard now. I was humiliated, bullied and harassed, it has injured and harmed my health. They spied on me and intimidated me, guarding me at the bus-stop when I went to work and back.

Moreover, they shouted under my windows. They retailed gossips to all the places where I went beside my work and instigated people to offend me. They’ve made me incapable to work, thus they have practically stolen the living of my elderly mum. At each new job the situation repeats.

I really want the people from all over the world know the situation, I am absolutely normal, but my life is in danger here.

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