What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

In A New Life Now And Maybe That's A Good Thing

by Leslie
(Citrus Heights, CA)

I'd like to write in specifics, leave out the drama, get to the point of the whole ordeal....I noticed that something wasn't quite right when I had to let a friend go because I began dating a man of interest...his last words to me were, "you'd be surprised at what I know" this coming to me after an argument because he obviously liked me for some time and the interest was not mutual and I started dating a man who I felt was pretty special. Kind of a jealous threat..."you'd be surprised at what I know". The comment left me perplexed and made me think a bit...my new found love was gun, he made laugh, blah,blah,blah...i looked forward to the relationship as I hadn't been interested in anyone for some time. So here's my story but let's add another drama to it! My boss was sexually harassing me at the law firm I worked for...his wife was my boss...it came out because I was stressed over the who5thing and even though I wasn't damaged.from his.childish acts, his wife was a real bully and made life at work my daily he'll. So one day I confront him because he tells his wife I'm the one who has harassed him...really???? Dumb add! Thanks for ruining my career and here is the basics of what has been done; car stolen, lose job, car stolen again, neighbors tell me I'm crazy, boyfriend starts letting everyone know I'm crazy,every man I come in contact with hits on me in a very sick, blunt way, bff drugs me and tells me I'm crazy, people try to set me up for.crimes, police show up at my home for no reason, neighbors hate me, when I shop, I get dirty looks, restraining order put on me for no reason,people stare at me, dislike me,boyfriend turns from dream to nightmare, no more friends, car is rpoed, I lose job, car, boyfriend, friends and thank God for pets! My pets are my new bff's....so......now I'm poor,no friends, lonely, bored, and HAPPY...MY LIFE HAS ACTUALLY TURNED FOR THE BETTER...but my question is "why?" I'm harmless and a good person....and money, who cares...the boyfriend thing, now that really hurt. Why set me up for love and take it? Who,what,why? WTF???? I have been left alone finally but I wonder why a man would spend a.year to get me and then throw me away? How much was he paid to do this? He himself told me he was hired...and anyway, that's my story in a nutshell....im not crazy....just in a new life now and maybe that's a good thing. Almost forgot! Police, shrinks, attorney's, etc....all in on it. Weird!

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