What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

It's About Chems And Pesticides

by Anthony's Friend
(Los Alamos, New Mexico)

My neighbors woke me up, using a Flir One attachment to an iPhone 5. I found out that they were making a huge sharp noise, then seeing if I started to wake. I would, and then would delayed get an adrenal reaction. So, I put the equivalent of 6 sheets of aluminum foil, in the form of used newspaper printing plates that sold for 25 cents and were 2x4, and a mirror, over our bed, and it stopped. If they made noise, I yelled at them a lot to stop it. That I found from talking to my lawyer, is legal. In my state it is a misdemeanor to strike an adjoining wall.

It's done by cops, and people arrested and connected to them by drug gangs, our local is purple pride in SF. They usually have a control room, used to monitor people thru public transportation cameras, and people on probation who report on you in exchange for being allowed to stay home with an ankle bracelet. I found that out by using a hearing dish and aiming it where they were, heard them speaking Spanish to the cop, and later a family member and a drug dealer while doing the pounding on our ceiling.

They can pick any lock. I watched , a sheriff's deputy, do that on my craftsman without my permission, he had a set of picking tools behind the back side of a stainless pen knife set.

So, set up a computer with webcams, using the free iSpy software. Do it with a back up battery, costs 30-40$. My maintenance man committed a felony shutting off our power to shut off the cameras. They are motion detector setups, I caught him spraying the chem on our porch, the shower cleaner he got from Janitor Supply on Siler Road in Santa Fe.

Most chems can be cleaned up with ammonia, then soap and water. I have had success with bleach burning off residue, and sometimes hydrogen peroxide. All the stuff is supposed to be able to clean up easily. Another favorite according to the pesticide unit at New Mexico State University is malathion, a nerve agent and organpphosphate. Our military used the pesticides and chems on civilians in Afghanistan. Their delusional affects are well known.


1. Our landlord posted on our door, right to enter, for heater issues while we were at a HUD meeting. The heater intake box here, was sprayed with something that induced ocular and upper respiratory irritation, to the point our sinuses closed up and we had trouble seeing. The filter was sprayed too, and we still have it, it affects others also. It was imidacloprid, he sprayed it out front of the complex.

2. Typical weird green snot, looked like diseased skin, sometimes 2-4 inches long, from the imidacloprid killing off nasal lining, and blood. My Doctor stated I would get cancer from it, it is a nerve agent, the cops were taught about it at the FBI Anti-Terror Training camp in Quantico.

3. They will attempt to break you down.

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