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Me And My Sister Are Being Followed

by Anoymous

We are being gangstalked I know for a fact because I've never felt watched like this before. I have social anxiety and I know when I'm being anxious. I've never been anxious while driving. I'm always comfortable in the car lately I've been aware of these color coded cars in public.

I started to notice we were being followed when a car one night started following behind us. Not closely but it was almost like the person was lagging behind. We entered our neighborhood from the back. Took a couple of turns and then came back out of the neighborhood. The car followed us. Clearly if they lived in the neighborhood they would have stopped before they came out the other side.

A while back my sister went on a first date with some guy. He seemed strange and controlling. He asked an odd question "Have you ever been stalled before" which seemed like a red flag. Around that same time a woman from the neighborhood started talking to us about school we had no idea who she was. She said she worked at a local middle school. She told us she had been watching us for a long time and that you never knew who was watching.

I didn't think anything of it I brushed it off. I know we're being watched but I have no idea why. We mostly stay to ourselves and only have a few friends. We mostly treat others with respect. What should we do?

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