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Mobbing Is Out On The Street

I recently related a story on this site about my experiences with the Cooperative supermarket where I live. To summarise, I was mobbed out of the store by a group of employees there after making a complaint about two store staff who were being rude and abusive with me when I was alone with them.

I brought this to Management's attention, as any normal customer would do, and asked if they would keep it anonymous.

Despite this, it was not long before a whole group of employees were joining in, and I eventually stopped using the store altogether, as I felt there was an unmistakable evil presence at that place.

The abuse actually started many years ago, when a big new Nisa supermarket moved into town. Prior to that everything had been fine for me. I hadn't said anything about it to anyone until about three years ago, when the abuse suddenly became worse.
I realise now that they were trying to 'set me up' but I don't know what the reason is or was.

I also now know that at least one of the Managers is colluding with the mobbing, and for all I know, he/she or they may even be the 'initiators' of this bullying. I have seen them actively colluding with this mob in the store.

Once I realised this, I stopped going there, but now people who do not even work there are joining in. It usually takes the form of aggressive staring or unfriendly body language when I am in the vicinity. Until I appear, they seem to act perfectly normal with everyone else.

I think there is a slur campaign going around, but they are clever enough to make sure I cannot prove any of this adequately.

I have a strong feeling that an organised group of 'harrasers' have moved into our community and they are trying to initiate a full blown 'gang stalk.' Again I cannot prove this. They are sharp enough to know that the pen that I carry around in my pocket is a disguised camera, so if they see me on the street, they look directly at my pen as if to say they know about it.

They are very wierd in the way they act, and it is as if they have been 'brainwashed' into reacting in a certain way towards me, almost as if someone has suddenly 'flicked a switch' in their heads whenever they spot me.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I have been observing them for some time now, the way they have and continue to observe me.

I don't know what the solution is other than to move. But if these people are networking, as I suspect they could be, then moving may not be a permanent answer to the problem.

I don't know what anyone else thinks.

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Re: Anonymous.
by: Sarah

I must move at some point, but when I do it will have to be very far away; maybe even to a different part of the country.
I believe I have become the victim of a 'narcissist' or 'sociopath'.
As I say, these people seem to have a network. They do not all live in my neighbourhood, but seem to cover a much wider area.

Thank you for replying, and I am happy you have found a new life.

Moving will help
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I've read your posts and can sympathise with your situation. Needless to say, it's not your fault. However, your active spirit and insightfulness in dealing with these people (such as protecting yourself with the pen and continuing with your business since you know it would not make sense to act on it) i think serves to fuel some more fire. Your integrity and strength is a bigger, more drawn out but ultimately satisfying series of episodes to watch or hear about. Its sad but as i have come to realise the only way to truly protect yourself from these low lives and is to move away
Your happiness is too important and your safety may be at stake with all of these unpleasant odd incidents. I can tell you that these people despise happy thoughtful people and wish to destroy your soul out of pure jealousy. I myself have been in a handful of short, say a few months or so, but dreadfully intense and sleepless occasions where i ended up realising it was not me going insane and that i had to get out. Of course there was no crime i had committed but was the focus point for a mob attack or hate campaign. All separate people and points in my life. It is a horrible situation to be in and makes you few isolated. However you can be rid of these people. Do move and do it as swiftly and out of sight as possible. By the way i am now working in an excellent environment and my life is so much better. I try to forget about events of the past but it does help to know this is quite common yet often undisclosed. Most people are decent human beings! Good luck.

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