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Not Crazy From Gang Stalking Yet

by Aaron
(Clever Missouri)

While far from religious I am being gang stalked and have been for 18 months. I still have a hard time understanding why people wish to make a career out of hurting others. It's beyond me. I do feel like this is attempted murder at this point.

They use an EMF weapon and it is very unpleasant. I actually downloaded an EMF testing app on my iPhone and screenshot it when I can feel their EMF burning me. I do know that when I sit in my chair and the normal reading is 40 to 50 and when I am being attacked the reading goes to over 1000. I know most victims can hear voices and I do as well. I try to record these voices but the tape recorder does not pick them up. Well I thought that was the case until I plugged my phone into my truck and turned the base down and the treble up. There they were. I can now show others that the voices are not me just being nuts. I also keep a dairy on my phone of every time I am being harassed. I hope these notes will come in handy when I get to sue these people's butts off.

I do not know the percentage but it seems like most people do not know their attackers. I know mine by name. It seems a former neighbor of mine hates me for a reason that I am not even aware of. The problem is though they moved they still have a few buddies on my street that harass me along with their good friend the local chief of police in this podunk town.

I am not sure what I am going to do at this point but my attackers are much more aggressive then they have been in the past and I do not think I will survive until Christmas. Not by my own doing I am not crazy and I have a lot of life I still wish to live. The radiation waves I am being subject to will kill me.

One thing I will tell you is I am not a lay down and die type person and by god if I am going to die I may as well fight back. I really wish there was help other than someone saying that it will be ok. I'm a single father of 2 wonderful kids and 2 beautiful basset hounds. By god I will protect them and their future with my life.

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