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Ringing In The New Year 2016 With Assault, Harassment, And Injury

by Shawn

This New Year's Eve my son had some friends over (he is 22), a couple of those friends took a "molly" and ended up in the hospital from about 3:am and most of the next day. First thing New Years Morning relatives (about 6-7) of them showed up at our door and woke us up wanting to fight with my son over it.

A fight did break out and when I was trying to break it up a young girl (about my son's age) hit me with something (not sure what) and I was knocked out and I remembered being kicked in the teeth while being knocked out once or twice and they were pretty severe blows. I only remember parts of it honestly.

I did not call the police because these people are related somehow to my 18 year old daughters boyfriend who is away at basic training (big mistake). Now over the past 2 weeks they are starting rumors accusing the boyfriend (their own family member) of sexually assaulting a minor child 14 years old.

They are calling and getting my daughter very upset constantly and I do not see that they are going to stop anytime soon. In addition, I am only now realizing the extent of my injuries.

I went to the hospital the day that it happened and I did get a CT scan at that time but they did not see anything. However, I cannot fully open my mouth and I have several loose teeth and I am really concerned that this is not over.

I do not know what to do. Any suggestions?

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