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There is something very wrong happening to me. I was a drug addict and menace to police and people in general for many years.

I am not on drugs anymore but I started seeing shadows of people at first. I am now being followed, my house broken into, my car stolen twice, gaslighting and other totally bazaar situations.

I am discredited and if I don't do something quickly, I believe my family is going to lock me up. Please give me some advice so I can stop this before its to late for me.

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Stay cool, calm, collected
by: Anonymous

Dont feed into it. If you know your not nuts then, there ya go. Dont tell anyone, especially a doctor. Thats what they want, to discredid you, get your rights taken away. Frredom is power, knowledge is power, sex is power, entheogens open the mind. Make you question. Dont give any of these freedoms up. What can they do? Start recording instances if you have to. Trust your instincts and change your routine often. Don't ket it rattle you, just slow down and trust that alladversity leafs to a path change. All change is good. Blessed be.

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