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So Much Disturbing Behavior Around Me

by Rena
(Toronto, Ontario )

Drilling right above me, on my floor beside me for 14 weeks every morning can be deemed as nothing less than pure torture. I am here 24 hours a day, except when I limp to the store to get food. I have also been stalked saying I am going to be evicted and kicked on my ass where the line meets the sidewalk. This is intimidation. I have documentation of this.

Did not remove slabs. ISO company would not send caustic dust into air, or use this method. All other restorations in area have been done removing the slabs. This is the only building that is using this long, drawn out horrifyingly endless method. Slabs are 70 years old. The whole slab is perforated with caustic dust from the elements, and would not be considered safe by any standards, and the whole slab should have been replaced.

Placed black soot about and inch and half deep on my balcony, and left it there for me to inhale the fumes for two weeks, then swept it into the air off my balcony. WHY. What was the purpose of putting this there? This black soot came into my apartment and is all over my drapes. Who is paying for the cleaning?

I am critically ill. I am a shut-in except to get food and can hardly walk to get there because of a spinal cord injury, just one of the numerous injuries, and other injuries that are literally killing me slowly.

You have broken your promise as a landlord. My apartment has been entered without my permission to plant false evidence, and to steal. This behavior has been consistent in the last four places I have lived, which shows 'consistency of intent'.

Have not addressed any issues, ie the dog barking for 9 hours straight every weekend. Some Tenants lying about me, trying to get me into trouble. I documented 57 hours of continuous water torture, excessive noise (sleep deprivation) coming from upstairs and next door to my bedroom. Being stalked and harassed in this neighbourhood.

Have gone past your due date for completion date three times.

Drilling right above me, on my floor or beside me for 14 weeks every morning can be deemed as nothing less than pure torture.

Just like the torture from upstairs that still continued after new owners took over the building, and now this person is harassing me through the vents, saying your right, your wrong, I got it.

All trigger words in an insidious form of stalking, emotional and physical torture for fun and profit. Can you tell me why they would be drilling around me every morning for 14 weeks.

Construction workers have come back to the same piece of slab 15 times to drill. Always concentrating the most time on the first three floors directly around me. Every morning and sometimes all day. Yet they seem to finish the top floors more quickly and spend less time there.

Whereas, the only other company that used this method, did so in the months that it would not interfere with the tenants reasonable enjoyment of their balconies. This started in the spring and it's the end of the summer. Were told in March it would be finished by June 1, how could you make a statement like that, and still be drilling for two seasons and now it's Fall.

I have been patient hoping. These weapons are harming my body. Every time they drill close to me I am in pain afterwards. After 14 weeks I am in pain all the time, and now coughing up blood. Who would be drilling into the same balcony after 14 weeks. To believe this you would have to be of not sound mind and body.

Is causing me unnecessary distress by choosing the loudest longest, unsafest method of balcony restoration, and probably only two percent of companies use this method.

Have gone past your promise date 3 times, you are now in violation of the tenancy agreement, which states, 'reasonable enjoyment of my premises.'It does not say, a company can do construction for as long as you want to, in any manner that you want to, or to cause as much distress as possible.'

This also includes being harassed in this building by dogs on the weekend or adults or children coming in front of my window screaming 'no' or go or 'I got it'. This is disturbing behavior. The question is, why is there so much disturbing behavior around me.

Also scheduled to paint my apartment in May 2016, apartment never properly painted and was told rumor or true, that they chemicalized the paint that they did do. A notice put through my door. When I called management to confirm, she cancelled the job.

This person upstairs is in fact responsible for my abuse, knowing that I will defend my dignity so this person can win something. This person is 'warring against me' so it seems. Person causes problems to get me in trouble with owners and landlords to win something, causing me undue harm in the process.

The dog has barked endlessly on the weekend and during the week for the past 14 weeks and every weekend for 5 years. Yet this past long weekend, the dog seems to have taken a vacation only on this long weekend. There was no barking for the whole long weekend.

Subsection 2(2) prohibits harassment in accommodation: Every person who occupies accommodation has a right to freedom from harassment by the landlord or agent of the landlord or by an occupant of the same building because of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, age, marital status, family status, disability or the receipt of public assistance.

The corollary of trust and power is that it always creates a potential for abuse.

Thus, ironically, the very instruments designed to protect a person from some forms of abuse also create an opportunity for mistreatment.

Being a tenant, shouldn't be a fight for my life or my dignity. These issues are indicative of every other issue in this statement of fact.

This includes 'negligence' and improper and lengthy methods of reconstruction, I am a good tenant residing in an apartment building paying full rent, with lengthy and continuous noise, and unsafe hazardous environmental conditions.

I have paid my rent in full on the 30th of every month. If I can pay my rent on time, why cant an ISO company complete a restoration on time, and in a professional capacity, doing professional work, and not leaving a gaping hole in a balcony on the front face, and saying the work is completed.

I am requesting a rental rebate for the torturous length of time of construction, promise not kept, unsafe environmental issues, distress and withdrawal of service.

This is only tiny story. I am the youngest gangstalking victim by a cult of sexual sadists.

Began at age 4.

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