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Stress Relief Balls Help You "Get a Grip" and Enjoy the Day a Little More  ;-)

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Stress relief balls can help you relax and add some fun to your day. You can try the basic stress relief ball that you simply squeeze for relaxation or the latest talking head to have a little more fun. There are plenty of other alternatives, too. Here’s a look at how people are de-stressing and enjoying their workdays just a little more.

There is some science behind these things. You might be interested to know about that. Stressful people tend not to fully contract their muscles.

One of the deep relaxation tools learned during treatment for anxiety is to fully contract each muscle of the body for a few seconds. The full contraction is followed by a full relaxation. While the exercise relaxes you, it also energizes you.

Stress relief balls work to contract the hand muscles. But for people who work at a keyboard all day, stretching, flexing and tightening the hand muscles is beneficial.

It also helps to reduce frustration and anger. If a workplace bully or customer really makes you mad, you can take your frustrations out on your de-stressing devices, rather than taking it out on yourself, the bully or your customers (which would be used against you for sure).

You might not know that depression is sometimes anger turned inwards. Some people express their anger outwardly and turn it on other individuals. Depressed people tend to take everything out on themselves. Neither of those things is healthy.

If you could hit a punching bag for a few minutes during the middle of the day, you would probably feel a lot better, but a punching bag might not fit in your office. Small humorous toys will fit in your desk drawer or sit on your desktop, ready to use when you need them.

Office Playground has the largest selection of stress-relieving toys. You can choose bendable figurines like Gumby. Depending on your age, you may remember the claymation cartoon character from your childhood. The Office Playground has a complete collection of Gumby and Pokey stress relief toys.

Bendeez are another option. You can bend, twist, wrap or wind the thin snake-like toys, straighten them back out and start over again. This is something you can do with your hands while you are talking on the phone. Ex-smokers love them. They come in a variety of colors and patterns.

If you don’t like the Bendeez, you might like something to fidget with. Hand massagers are nice, because they let you fidget and they actually make your hands feel better. They are shaped like jacks, but made of a soft material. As you rub them between your hands, you will feel the muscles loosening up and you can get back to work.

You can get a stress relief ball made of foam, gel or koosh material. The therapy balls include additional benefits. For example, the aroma ball emits a relaxing fragrance as you squeeze it. The health balls produce the soothing sound of chimes as you roll them. Office Playground offers volume discounts on the items. So, you can get everyone in the office a stress relief ball.

Zen gardens help to de-stress and decorate your desktop. In addition to the traditional sand and stone filled gardens, you have many other things to choose from. You can pick a garden filled with construction toys or beach items. Golfers like the ones that are shaped like a putting green surrounded by sand.

With everything there is to choose from today, you can pick unique de-stressing toys that suit your personality. Because the prices are low, you don’t have to pick just one. You can have dozens of toys in your office. You might get bored with stress relief balls, but you’ll never get bored with the selection at Office Playground.

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