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Stress Relief Toys and Games

Give Yourself a Break from the Stress of Bullying with Stress Relief Toys, Games and Products to Help You Regain Your Sense of Wellbeing - Stress Relief Toys and Games Office Toys - Office Playground
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Simple Methods of Stress Relief Can Be Very Effective

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When you are dealing with the stress of bullying and you are feeling overwhelmed you can't allow yourself to "lose it". Stress relief toys and games can give you the break you need to just get through the day.

We have all seen stress toys of one kind or another but you may not be aware of just how many different stress relief products are available to help you. So what is it about these often goofy looking toys that can provide so much comfort?

Their effectiveness results from their ability to create a calming, even meditative state by distracting your stressed mind and focusing your attention on an activity. It gives you a "mental breather" and in the case of squeezable stress relief toys you can physically release stress that is caused when your fight or flight mechanism has been triggered and your body is flooded with adrenaline. You need a place to put that energy and work it off. Otherwise you can begin to suffer from the physical and mental symptoms of stress.

There are Many Kinds of Stress Relief Toys and Games Available and While Inexpensive They are Invaluable

      Gumby and Pokey - Stress Toys

    Gumby and Pokey Stress Relief Toys
    Available at Office Playground

  • Bendable Figures in popular characters like Homer Simpson, The Pink Panther and Mr. Bill (at the risk of dating myself, my favorite is Gumby and Pokey).

  • Fidget Toys like twist or tangle toys, expandable balls, Silly Putty and Slinkys help you expend that nervous energy.

  • Stretch Toys that come in inumerable variations and let you take out your frustrations.

  • Squeeze Toys from simple stress sqeeze balls which can often be imprinted with custom logos or slogans to popular squeeze toys like "Popping Martian" whose eyes, ears and nose pops out when you squeeze him or the "Color Changing Gel Ball".

Here are some interesting stress relief toys and products that can help turn your desk into a tranquil oasis.

      Deluxe Zen Garden - Stress Toys

    Desktop Zen Garden Kit
    Available at Office Playground

  • Zen Garden Kits add a little beauty and serenity to your desktop. Arranging polished stones, tracing out patterns in the white sand, and creating a tranquil scene fosters a sense of well-being.

  • Water Fountains are a popular way to create a sense of peace as the sound of trickling water washes your stress away. Many desktop water fountains features multiple levels that lets water cascade down to river rocks.

  • Puzzles and Games that give your mind a workout can create a relaxed state because your mind is focused on the stress relief game or puzzle rather than the stress factors (like bullies) that are affecting your life. Puzzles and games like Rubix Cube and Scrabble helf keep the mind occupied and as a bonus can delay or even prevent dementia later in life.

There are so many types, colors, shapes, themes and even custom stress relief toys, games and products you are sure to find something which suits you!

Office Playground features many of the stress relief toys and products mentioned above plus many, many more. Transform your desk into a bully-free zone and give yourself a much needed and deserved break.

Maintaining your mental and emotional health is one of the most important things you can do for yourself if you are being bullied at work or school. You can find hundreds of stress relief toys, games and products at Office Playground.

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