What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Survivor With God Getting All The Glory!

Gang-stalked in Seattle, Scranton, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Florida, and worst of all in Crossville, Tennessee. Churches, businesses, doctors, schools and just about any other kind of public places was fair game to these sociopaths. I was a middle-class person who was an honest, diligent, highly skilled worker in a corrupt industry (trucking) and my honesty inadvertently exposed others who were tax evaders and drug users. I also spoke out about other severe, highly abusive situations involving 'forced dispatch' freight runs that exceeded normal hours of driving time and was eventually blacklisted from that industry in 2002.

I have not worked since, but am glad some of what I inadvertently exposed has helped the drivers - the hardest working men and women in the USA. May the Lord bring the harassers to repentance and may I received back wages (at $50,000 per year including benefits) plus damages for all that was done to me, in Jesus' name amen. I documented everything that was ever said or done to me and have a complete database (in the hands of human rights groups) and even managed to get some nice video and audio of the thousands of perps in action, should they ever try to get nasty again. T Find out who they are and shame them.

TIP: take their photos and post them on Facebook and let Facebook match them up with their digital face ID database.

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