What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

The Big Bad TI

Hey 10th July 2016 in UK hear. I have been gangstalked/harassed for 13yrs since I was 17yrs old. I've heard it all and seen it all in that time, been to mental institute on 3 separate occasions, I only found out the truth at age 27 of my situation. I get called child molester almost daily, a racist, and a homosexual.

Voice to skull 24/7 at this moment in time my town and the perps who follow me around are trying to make me believe I'm being hunted/ eaten by hybrid chimps and gorillas... I've already had the lizard theory rammed down my throat for the past 4years and have been told daily for as long, that' I'm being eaten, I've also been brainwashed via v2k In the past, to believe, aliens species ie insectorpeeds, anthrapods and huge arachnids are going to eat me, it gets scary at times because if you hear something for so long it starts to affect you.

There's a lot of nano technology used around me, I've seen some pretty fucked up things. All my family is in on it, as your own family will be. You can't trust anyone. Its slow murder I get tortured 247, with traffic on the roads, whether I walk or drive, as above getting told I'm being eaten, going down to prison, shot stabbed, cut up etc.

My advice to any ti don't give up nether give up the lord has a place for you. I have no idea why these narcasistic perverted idiots do this to me but I know there is lots of money involved. Ask yourself a question what is so special about you what is it in you they have to control what are they afraid of...I did and realised that these fuckers aren't in my gene pool end of. God bless

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