What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Tips For Dealing With Gangstalking

by citizen73

Considering how many people in North America are sharing the same types of harassment with a feeling of helplessness should understand that you're not alone.

Gangstalking is simply a gang of puppets who don't think for themselves and are eager to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Once you understand what makes them tick it's easier to stop the mental threat.

Document everything with dates, locations, and video and keep it to yourself.

Information is the key to power over those who stalk you.

In these times technology has become a major tool for stalker's.

Do a factory reset on all your devices and change all passwords to a phrase not a pin and make it 13 or larger password using lower case and upper case and numbers. Also in settings encrypt your phone.

This won't prevent the law but will make it harder for local punks.

The community of victims is growing more each year and the only way to prevent this is by sharing information here or other forums like this.

Together we are an army.

Those who have invaded your rights and privacy are NOT unbreakable or untouchable they are simply masters of manipulation that use weak minds to do their dirty work.

We need to start a page for victims to share information and to work together for change because our governments will not take the first step.

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Document but Publish
by: What's the Point

It won't work to uncover what they do, and it will make you look crazy if they call the cops and catch you with gangstalking notes, unless you put it on the web. Get a youtube channel for videos using a fake yahoo account. For written out times, dates, don't embellish, just tell what they did, and link to the videos.

I did this, my landlord, regional manager, and several cops were fired.

Document, but PRESENT. Don't keep it to yourself. The point is to show what they do, and expose it.

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