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Women France Gang Stalking Author Book "Gang Stalking"

by Soubouberg
(Narbonne, France)

Thank to people USA for tell in WWw. Since complain about zyprexa who dead m'y sister on saint Valentin 2001. Do have ho life normal, 16 years whit lot trouble after i find ho untersand what happening and whit complain no justice only the court Europa but is more bas' i have writt a book about this and i like translaté in americain. I supposer i have gang because the drug is made in USA. Now i try stopper this people because is tortures psychologiques and de are victimes. A girl dead because she had take zyprexa and she bas brunes we think is gang stalking too. if some people help me, i orphelin this mail can joins : aplusjamaisca@orange.fr or facebook Annie la valbotine in France people dont know gang stalking l'île USA thank & have Nice day everyone
Sorry for my writting, i m french

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