What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Workplace Bullying Was Dealt With, But Now Gangstalked By Police

by Mr A

Well after two years of work place harrasment and 1 year of being stalked by the police I decided to fight back.

First the work place harrasment started when a temp agency placed my self and another young man at a large auto auction. This young man had a thuggish behavior and was a huge liar. One of his biggest lies was he was a marines veteran. I'm pretty sure he told this lie to get a leg up on me because I am an army vetran and since we both wanted to get put on with the aution full time because that meant a 25% pay increase and paid sick and vacation times. My harraser mainly would tell co-workers and supervisors lies about my work habits generally making it seem like I was lazy and shftless. And eventually after about 6 months it worked. He got hired full time and I remained a temp. Then the temp agency sent a steady stream of people to work there who enevitably be rude and nasty to me and constanly remind me that I was still a temp and my main harraser was full time and look he's going on paid vacations and I don't even get a paid sick day.

This went on for a year until one day I got into a heated argument with my harraser on the job. He made the mistake of loosing his cool that day and getting on a walkie talkie radio which all the lot emloyess had, and yelled a bunch of nasty swear words about me.

Well I must say for about a month before this I started my own campaing against him by telling co-workers right in front of him that he was a fake marine and basically exsposing him as a pathological liar. He was fired on the spot for his obsenity laced tirade on walkie talkie.

This was a great victory for me and really for all victims of gangstalking and people harrased at work.

And as icing on the cake I was hired full time a couple months later got my huge raise and vacation time.

But even more incredible news came in the following month. My harraser was arrested for animal cruelty, he got caught in a large cockfighting ring. It was amazing there he was on the local 6 o'clock news being dragged to court. But not only was he on the local news his name and photo and description of his crime made international news websites like the Daily Mail.

Anyways of course the fact is I am a lamb a believer in My Lord Jesus Christ. Which is why even after this great victory the work place harrasment continues by different people in diffrent ways.

And now the local police department has gotten involved. They are constantly following me. Not pulling me over and ticketing me for anything just following me just about every day.

Well the battle continues and on this day I contacted my States Attorney Genral office and made a formal complaint against the police department that is following me and I also made a formal complaint against one of my current work place harrasers who has voilenly bumped into me a few times and has mumbled veiled threats on my life to me.

Well I let you know how things turn out God willing in a few months.

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