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Hi, Newsletter, Issue #005
March 02, 2009

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Dealing with STRESS


Dealing with the stress caused by bullying is probably the most important thing you can do because of how devastating the impact of stress related health issues can be. Not only will the ongoing cumulative effects of stress destroy your mental and physical health but these consequences of bullying will actually be used against targets of bullying to justify further abuse.

In many cases the emotional turmoil and physical illness results in the necessity of taking sick leave. Managers who are not aware of the dynamics of workplace bullying and mobbing will then use this sickness to justify imposing disciplinary measures and eventually termination.

Of course, the same levels of stress experienced by students will severely impact their ability to focus on school. In both school and workplace bullying this can snowball into an unmanagable morass of anger, depression and illness that in all too many cases results in permanent mental and physical damage which in extreme cases has resulted in suicide and homicide.

If you are being bullied you must make dealing with stress a priority.

Anton Hout

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In This Issue:

- New E-Book Available for Subscribers

- Using Biofeedback to Help Deal with Stress

- Mind Habits Stress Relief Games

- New Video Provides Introduction to Speak Out Now

- Support Group Meeting in Calgary

- Protect Your Child from Bullying in School

- Thought for Today

New E-book Available for Subscribers

If you haven't already, download your copy of "What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know" by Anton Hout.

I wanted to put together a guide for targets of workplace bullying to give them an idea of what to expect and some of the things they will need to do to protect themselves. I would love to get your feedback about the book. Feel free to send in your reviews and testimonials. I am not just interested in hearing positive feedback. Let me know where you think it could be improved so we can make it better and better.

>> Download Here

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Using Biofeedback to Help Deal with Stress

What is biofeedback and can you use it to help deal with the extremely dangerous levels of stress experienced as a result of bullying?

Biofeedback is a process that enables an individual to learn how to change physiological activity for the purposes of improving health and performance. While that definition from the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback may be a little boring a company called Wild Divne has proven that biofeedback doesn't have to be boring at all.

In fact, learning to deal with stress and protect your health from its damaging effects are not only fun but very engaging as you enter an incredibly beautiful virtual world in their series of computer games that you control with your mind and body through biofeedback hardware.

We've put together an overview of this amazing biofeedback software/hardware system. This system is especially valuable for targets of bullying as you will learn techniques that will enable you to keep more calm and consciously reduce stress levels wherever and whenever you need to.

> > Lower Your Stress with Biofeedback

Mind Habits Stress Relief Games

Mind Habits is an Award-Winning Stress Relief Game, developed by McGill University Researchers that can help you overcome bullying and stress in your life.

In several studies it has been shown that modifying your "mind habits" with the MindHabits stress relief games results in a reduction of stress related to social rejection and you feel less stressed at work or school.

"Scientific psychology has shown that our minds continuously filter our experiences, including our view of ourselves and our interactions with others. This filter determines how we feel about and react to the world."

The software works by helping you shift your mind habits so that you focus more on the positive elements around you rather than focusing on the negativity in your life.

This can dramatically improve your outlook and reduce stress and anxiety.

> > Learn More About the Award-Winning Mind Habits Games

New Video Provides Introduction to Speak Out Now

Speak Out Now is the Bullying Incident Reporting and Management system that has been introduced in several schools in the UK with an overwhelmingly positive reception. Speak Out Now is available in the USA and Canada through and comes in both a school/college and workplace edition.

We have added a new video to the site that was created by the developers of Speak Out Now to provide and introduction to the system.

>> Watch Introduction to Speak Out Now Video Here

Support Group Meeting in Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, Canada - We haven't had a meeting in a while and it was great to get together with everyone again last month. We will be keeping the momentum going and will be having another support group meeting in Calgary on Wed., Mar. 11, 2009.

If you would be interested in attending email Anton for more information -

>> For Listing of Other Support Groups

>> For Information on Starting a Support Group in Your Area

What Can Parents Do To Help Protect Their Child from Bullying in School?

Latricia Wilson has contributed an article that gives parents some ideas on what they can do to protect their child from bullying in school. She covers effects and warning signs of bullied children, methods parents can use to protect their child from bullying, what parents can do if school administrators ignore the problem or bullying continues, mistakes parents may make in dealing with bullying and how to minimize the damage caused by bullying at school.

>> Read Article

Thought for Today

Stress is the trash of modern life - we all generate it but if you don't dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.

~ Danzae Pace

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