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OBO School Bullying Template

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I cannot stress health issues enough when it comes to bullying. Many are surprised by how damaging bullying can be to not only mental and emotional well being but to your physical health. Stress is the culprit that affects your health in a myriad of ways.

About 1500 events occur in your body due to the stress response from the release of neurotransmitters, metabolization of nutrients to the realease of hormones including cortisol the so-called "stress hormone". While this incredibly powerful and finely tuned reaction is great for dealing with physical threats it's not so great for dealing with psycho-social threats such as bullying.

In our modern world most stress arises from situations that are not physical in nature and a literal fight or flight response would be inappropriate (even illegal). The problem is that your body doesn't know this and continues to prepare you to do battle or run for your life.

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