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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

What's Going On

I just saw something on 'YouTube' "What's Going On". There is a young boy talking about his bullying and coming out for the first time.

I cried for him. I felt his pain. Then I felt his strength. It is a GREAT video.

I like to tell him and all parents, teaching children about bullying starts with US! I have three young children and I tell them it's ok to love who ever you want, boy or girl, because IT IS.

And as a family we learn about different ways of life, food, culture. I want my children to see people for who they are, not colour, sex, wealth...

Our children are learning this bullying behaviour from somewhere. If you see it happening, STOP IT. If it means stopping another adult, another parent, your own spouse from 'kidding around' STOP IT and tell them why. Our children are watching us!

I don't know about you, but I can't stand to see another child in so much pain, so much that they feel there is no escape.

The world is full of bullies, young and old. It's time to stop them now! Stop them by teaching your little ones it's not ok to make fun of someone and hurt their feelings.

Do you want to be the parent of a bully or do you want to be the parent of a caring/giving child?

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hug him
by: sharon

That poor child, dont u just wanna hug him.
Why are people so cruel??
I would be proud to have him as a son.
Bless him.
Sorry cant write much as have broken hand.

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