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September 18, 2008 Newsletter #002

We've Had a Busy Summer

Welcome to another issue of the Newsletter. We haven't published one in a while as we've been busy adding new articles and information about new products that we hope you will find beneficial.

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In This Issue:

- Speak Out Now Anti-Bullying System Garners High Praise from Ofsted

- Back to School Bullies - 13 Tips to Help Both Targets and Bullies

- MindHabits Stress Relief Games Based on Research at McGill University

- I Hate My Job! I Hate My Job! I ... Alternative to the Daily Grind of the 9 - 5

- Need Legal Advice? Ask a Lawyer... New Feature Offers Inexpensive Legal Advice

- Thought for Today

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Anton Hout

Ofsted Continue to Give Speak Out Now the Thumbs Up!

Matthew Arnold School in Staines (UK) awarded with the most improved school by Ofsted were delighted to show off their Speak Out Now anti-bullying system. Officials from Ofsted were impressed with the system stating "with this system deployed no child will ever be lost".

Speak Out Now is available in School/College and Workplace Editions in the USA and Canada through If your school (or business) would like to know more and trial the Speak Out Now Anti-Bullying system please contact: us.

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Back to School Bullies - 13 Tips to Help Both Targets and Bullies

By Karen Kondor

Heading back to school can be a very exciting time of year for kids, because they get to hang out with friends they haven’t seen for two months. But it can also produce anxiety for those kids who must once again face bullies. As well, it can be anxiety producing for parents to whom phone calls from the school principal will once again be a regular part of their day, because their child is on the bully side of the equation. What can you do to help your child focus on fun and learning at school, rather than aggression, worry, and fear?

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Is your child having a birthday party? Read Karen's article Birthday Party Bully Blues for ideas on how to deal with bullies at the party. To invite or not to invite? What if bullying erupts at the party? How do you deal with the bully's parents?

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MindHabits Stress Relief Games Based on Research at McGill University Lowers Stress Hormones in Body, Improves Outlook

Negative thought patterns are learned behaviors, but it is possible to learn new behaviors and establish new patterns and change our predominantly negative thoughts.

This mental retraining doesn't have to be hard work or boring, in fact it can be a lot of fun. Imagine you could play a computer game for five minutes each morning that would help you feel more secure and confident in yourself.

That's the whole idea behind Mind Habits. It's a set of video games based on over a decade of social intelligence research by Dr. Mark Baldwin, and others, at McGill University.

Through playing these stress management games you train your mind to focus on the positive elements of your social interactions while giving less attention to negativity (or perceived negativity) that can harm your state of mind and self-esteem on a daily basis.

The Mind Habits video games do more than boost your self-confidence and help reduce the impact of social slights and criticism common to bullying. Playing the MindHabits stress management games has been demonstrated to actually reduce the levels of stress hormones in your body.

These award-winning stress relief games and their beneficial effects have been written about everywhere from ABC News to the National Review of Medicine. At only $19.99 the MindHabits game is well worth it and gives you access to all 100 levels, unlimited access and tracking tools to chart your progress.

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I Hate My Job! I Hate My Job! I ...

Do You Want to Quit Your Job-From-Hell But Feel Trapped Because You Need the Money?

But can you really afford to stay? What is workplace bullying costing you? Your health, your dignity, your sanity — your LIFE ?

You know that workplace bullying is destroying your physical and mental health, but you have to pay the bills and you feel trapped. So you go in to work for one more day, hoping today the abuse will stop, but it doesn't. It gets worse and worse and keeps on escalating because the ultimate goal of workplace bullies is to wear you down, destroy your health, your sanity and ultimately your career.

If "I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job!" is your daily mantra it's time to start considering other options. Life is too short (and getting shorter due to the effects of stress).

Can you afford to wait until you have been so severly injured and traumatized that you can barely function? In the majority of cases it is the target of bullying who is the one that gets fired. Don't wait until it's too late and you are terminated before taking action.

I don't know how many times I said (screamed) "I hate my job!". I tried to stay and fight for what was right but in the end I was terminated and my family and I suffered horribly as a result. We lost everything. Our health was ruined, our savings were wiped out, we even lost our home as a result of the bullying.

I didn't think it could happen. It didn't make sense that a dedicated worker would be fired while a disruptive and abusive bully was rewarded. However, elimination of the target is by far the most common outcome. If you find yourself saying "I hate my job" you should also be telling yourself "Life is too short to stay and be treated this way."

But How Can You Quit Your Job-From-Hell?

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Need Legal Advice? Ask a Lawyer...

Whether you are dealing with bullying, mobbing, harassment in the workplace (including sexual harassment), wrongful dismissal, or human rights violations it's best to ask a lawyer about laws in your local jurisdiction as they can vary widely.

We have partnered with JustAnswer to offer online legal advise from Lawyers. You describe your legal problem or ask your question and they reply with expert advise. The fee is very reasonable — far less than you would normally pay. You will usually receive an answer in less than an hour, and you do not have to pay anything unless you accept the answer.

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Workplace Bullying Stories - How are You Dealing with the Stress?

We've had a great response from readers to our Workplace Bullying Stories section. We've had almost 40 stories submitted by readers who have (or still are) experiencing workplace bullying. You are not alone. Many of these stories have common elements as bullies operate in similar ways and management responses are predictable. But each is unique and provides a fascinating insight into the phenomenon of workplace bullying and mobbing. Read stories submitted by others, leave comments to lend support or submit your own workplace bullying story.

While it's difficult sometimes to see the positive when going through workplace bullying, make sure to share what things are working for you to help you cope with the situation. Are you meditating, excercising, using biofeedback, walking your dog, etc.? Whatever, it is that helps you I encourage you to share that with others when you submit your own workplace bullying story.

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Thought for Today

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice,
but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.

- Elie Wiesel

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