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January 17, 2012

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Getting Back on Track in 2012


It has been too long since the last edition of this newsletter. I've been busy working on projects like major updates to our ebook "What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know". If you are being bullied at work and haven't gotten your copy of this ebook yet you can find more informaiton here. I've also been adding articles and finding more resources for targets of bullying. That said, I plan on getting back on a schedule for the newsletter to keep in touch more often. I also want to hear from you. How can we make even better? What would you like to see? Do you have expertise, knowledge or experiences you would like to share? Contact me and let me know what you have in mind.

Anton Hout

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In This Issue:

Workplace Bullying

  • New Benefit for Our Readers

School Bullying

  • Helping Your Children Deal with Bullying at School

Health & Wellness

  • Stress Affects Health
  • Best Stress Management Tool
  • Heard of the Nightwave Sleep Assistant?

Thought for Today

New Benefit for Our Readers

I wanted to let you know about a new benefit for readers of (Newsletter Subscribers and Facebook Fans) and purchasers of the ebook "What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know."

You are entitled to a special discount code for an excellent ebook that you may be interested in. Cristina Diaz, author of From Conflict to Calm, has offered our readers a discount of $9.97 off the purchase of her ebook.

Your Discount Code is OBOCTC

From Conflict to Calm
Cristina Diaz shares her personal story of workplace bullying and shows you how you too can turn conflict into calm. Inside this handbook you'll discover how Cristina went from completely stressed, depressed and even having nightmares about work back to a state of calm control.

I have reviewed From Conflict to Calm and highly recommend it for those experiencing workplace bullying.

When ordering use your exclusive discount code OBOCTC. You can order now risk-free as From Conflict to Calm comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied. Check it out here...

Helping Your Children Deal with Bullying at School

It's sometimes hard for parents to know what to do to help their children when they are being bullied. Sadly it is an all too common experience. School teachers and administrators either can't or won't do anything, the bully's parents refuse to listen or blame your child and meanwhile things get worse and worse. Many parents have been forced to move their child to a different school or even take on home schooling. But these options are not always possible. And in the case of moving schools, it doesn't guarantee that the bullying won't start again.

So, since the school system isn't going to change and bullies are not realistically going to go away, this leaves us with the only thing you can change. Your child. Or rather how your child copes with and responds to bullying. This is really more important than making the bully or bullies your child is dealing with now stop. Because there will always be another bully. And I'm sorry to say that when they graduate and join the workforce, workplaces are rife with bullies too.

So it will be necessary to look at the situation objectively, which may not be easy. This is not about "blaming the victim." It is about looking at what it is about your child that attracts bullies. Do they respond in a way that rewards bullies and gives them the payoff they are looking for? Do they have the internal tools to cope with the bullying so they know who they are and that they are loved so that the bully's words have no effect? It is more about giving your child the tools to be mentally, emotionally and even physically bully-proof.

This goes well beyond what I can cover here but there are a couple of good resources I recommend you check out that teach these kinds of life skills. I really wish every parent of a bullied child could get this information.

I have written a review of the first one, Total Bully Solution, here.

The other is written by two teachers, Robin Collins and Wendy Nichols, who have over 39 years experience between them. In addition to the concepts mentioned above they can also help you understand how to deal with school administrators and when to involve police. More info on Free From Bullies here.

Stress Affects Health

Targets of school and workplace bullying suffer from extreme levels of stress. In fact, workplace bullying has been described by Prof. Kenneth Westhues (professor of sociology, U of Waterloo) as "the stressor to beat all stressors." Stress can impact all aspects of our health causing anxiety and panic attacks, immune system problems and even heart disease. The stress caused by bullying can lead to fatal consequences. Because of this we have added to our family of websites.

How are you dealing with stress? What symptoms of stress are you experiencing? Find out how stress affects health here.

Best Stress Management Tool

Those of you who know me, know I love and highly recommend the Wild Divine series of software and biofeedback tools to manage your stress -- and have a lot of fun doing it! Their original Journey to Wild Divine programs "The Passage" and "Wisdom Quest" were visually stunning computer games that you controlled with your mind, or actually are controlled by biofeedback hardware that you connect to your computer. But they have just released a long awaited software program called "Deepak Chopra's Secrets of Meditation."

All of their programs work with the same biofeedback hardware. Do yourself a huge favor and get Wild Divine. If you already have the hardware you can order the software programs you would like. But for the best value I recommend you get the Super Bundle Pack and get everything. I've personally used The Passage, Wisdom Quest and the new Secrets of Meditation programs and recommend them to everyone, including family and friends. Here's the link to the Wild Divine site for more info.

Have You Heard of The Nightwave Sleep Assistant?

When you are being bullied it can start to impact all areas of your life including interrupting your sleep. Worry about what the bully is going to do next and the effects on your health and finances can make it difficult to get to sleep. This results in a downward spiral and can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Lack of sleep can make you less effective on the job resulting in mistakes the bully can capitalize on. Lack of sleep can also make you irritable and emotionally more vulnerable. So getting enough sleep has to be one of your top priorities.

If you haven't heard of the Nightwave Sleep Assistant it is a doctor recommended, non-drug approach to helping you get to sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping you can find out more about the Nightwave Sleep Assistant here.

Thought for Today

"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another."

~ William James

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