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Are workplace bullies making your life miserable and threatening your career, your health, and your sanity?

 What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know...

Building on our success the NEW Updated Version includes chapters from experts Pat Ferris, Sophie Henshaw, Jennifer Bradley and Richard Schwindt.

  • What To Do If You Are Being Bullied At Work Now
  • How To Approach Management and HR
  • How To Save Your Career, Your Health, and Your Sanity
  • How To Deal With Office Bullies
  • How To Move On from Bullying in the Workplace and Bully-Proof Yourself
  • and Much More...
  • And... because it's an ebook in PDF format you can download it immediately so you can get the information you need right away... before you have to go back to work.

Find Out What You Need To Know To Deal With Bullying In The Work Place Effectively

If you are being bullied at work this information is for you. When I started this project I wanted to do everything I could to help raise awareness about a plague that was affecting workplaces around the world. But awareness is one thing, knowing what to do about it is another...

So, I've put together an ebook (along with many other expert contributors) for targets of bullying at work who want to stop workplace bullies from wreaking havoc with their career, ruining their health and destroying their lives.

And—because it's an ebook you can download it and put the information to use right away.

If you have any problems with your download just email me directly and I'll be happy to help. If you decide the information wasn't helpful in your situation there is a 100% money-back hassle-free guarantee.
~ Anton Hout -

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"Really great book and well researched. Infinitely great advice! … I feel much better advised with this book! Interestingly as a doctor a lot of my patients come to see me about workplace stress and bullying. Needless to say they always get alot of advice and sympathy from me. I will start recommending your book to them!"

~ Dr. R.S.

Do not approach Human Resources, Management, EAP, Unions or even Co-Workers until you have read this e-book. If you have already made this mistake, don't panic but review the information in What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs To Know before you do anything else.

Bullying At Work Victim? No More!

This ebook has become essential reading for anyone who is being bullied at work or managers who want to understand the real damage workplace bullies cause to morale, productivity and the bottom line.

What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know
What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Learn How To Avoid the Traps, Stop Workplace Bullies In Their Tracks and Get Your Life Back!

Targets of bullying in the workplace are in a minefield. The normal rules of fairplay, common sense and common decency don't apply. I've seen it time and time again. There are a lot of traps you can fall into. Because you are a decent person you will tend to think morally and logically.

For example, you might believe that if you report the workplace bullying to management they will see that it is wrong and is undermining the productivity of the workplace. In most cases management does not thank you. Instead they attack you and join with the bully.

You have to understand the motivations behind their actions. In this edition of What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know we explain what you need to know to keep you from walking into ambushes. Most targets do exactly what the bully wants them to do. The more they fight, the more they complain, the more they plea for help – the worse things get – it's like quicksand.

Targets of bullying at work are often blind-sided not only by the tactics employed by bullies but by the response of those in authority who could do something about it.

In this e-book I don't mince words, I give you straight talk and the unvarnished truth about what you need to know. You need to understand what you are up against and what you can do about it.

Ebook is in PDF format
for immediate download
and is now only $17

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Benefits This eBook
Holds For You...

  • Understanding the dynamics of workplace bullying
  • What to do if you are dealing with workplace bullies now
  • Unions – Friend or Foe?  
  • Dealing with Health Care Professionals
  • Gain a broader perspective of bullying in the workplace
  • Talking to Management and HR about bullying at work... And Getting Them to Actually Listen
  • Collecting evidence, gathering witnesses, being assertive and developing a contingency plan.
  • How to build the case against the workplace bully
  • Strategies and practical steps you need to take
  • Learning to fight fire with fire using leverage. You might not want to use these strategies but we include them in the ebook because you need to understand how they are being used against you by workplace bullies.
  • How to protect your mental health
  • 7 Principles for recovery from bullying in the workplace
  • Dealing With Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Transforming Anger Into A Force For Positive Change
  • Life After Workplace Bullying and Harassment...

... and more in the ebook

What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know
What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Strategies To Deal With Workplace Bullies...

Our Panel of Experts Have
Real Experience, Real Solutions

When I first created this ebook it included only the section written by me. I wanted to share my experience with workplace bullying and help others in similar painful situations. It provided real-world experience that helped other targets understand their predicament and what they could truly expect. But since then the ebook has taken on a life of its own...

More and more experts from a wide range of backgrounds have generously contributed chapters. So the ebook has expanded to become a handbook for not only dealing with the bullying situation at hand but a guide for dealing with the health effects and moving past the nightmare of workplace bullying and reclaiming our lives – which is really what targets want to do.

The value of this ebook continues to grow thanks to the following contributors (with your purchase you are also entitled to all future updates). Most of them have also experienced bullying in the workplace themselves. So their advise is not theoretical. This ebook is based on real experience and offers real solutions...

Meet Our Panel Of Expert Contributors

Anton Hout, Founder,

Anton Hout, Founder, I've been where you are at now and was a target of more than one workplace bully. I worked at a major daily newspaper. I loved my job and I was very good at it. I went above and beyond the call of duty and initiated projects that benefited the company greatly. And those were the very things that drew the ire of workplace bullies. They started a campaign of abuse that went on for years and I've seen just about every scenario played out during that time. The information in this e-book is based on real world experience – not theory.

Pat Ferris, MSW, RSW, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Pat Ferris, MSW, RSW, M.Sc., Ph.D. has worked in the field of workplace bullying for 20 years. She was one of the first practitioners in this area in Canada to focus on the treatment of targets of workplace bullying. Pat brings 30+ years clinical experience to treatment as a Clinical Social Worker. She holds a masters degree in clinical Social Work. She has been the Co-convenor of the International Association on Workplace Bullying Therapist Special Interest Group for many years and is active in researching various aspects of clinical presentation and treatment of workplace bullying.

Glynis Sherwood, MEd, CCC, RCC

Glynis Sherwood, MEd, CCC, RCC is a counsellor in private practice who helps people who have left abusive workplaces to heal from psychological injuries caused by bullying and mobbing. Specifically, she provides counselling and psychotherapy to help former targets overcome stress, anxiety, depression or trauma. Her services are offered in person in Vancouver, Canada or by Phone and Skype around the world.

Janice Harper, PhD

Janice Harper, PhD is a Cultural Anthropologist specializing in structural violence, warfare and organizational cultures. She was targeted for mobbing at the University of Tennessee when her employers instigated a Homeland Security investigation against her. After she was fully exonerated by the FBI-Joint Terrorism Task Force and cleared of any wrongdoing, she filed a lawsuit against the University for violation of her civil rights. In May 2010, the university agreed to settle her claims against them, and paid Dr. Harper back wages and attorneys' fees and compensated her for her injuries.

Richard Schwindt M.S.W.,R.S.W.

Richard Schwindt M.S.W.,R.S.W. has been practicing as a therapist for more than 25 years and has supervised hundreds of cases. Good therapists understand that counselling models are helpful but not as helpful as the clients own inner resources, the client/therapist relationship and the quality of hope. Richard is a trainer, consultant, experienced hypnotherapist and compelling speaker who brings creativity and integrity to every aspect of his professional and personal life. He shares his insights into "coming back from the dead" and dealing with the devastating effects of workplace bullying.

Linda Guirey

Linda Guirey, is a professional speaker, facilitator, business coach and humor consultant. Linda has been in management positions for over 18 years and has witnessed and experienced bullying at work first hand. She has been a training manager for a domestic violence agency, delivering presentations and workshops on domestic violence and workplace bullying to businesses, community groups, health professionals and government. She has also helped develop policies on workplace mobbing and domestic violence and has helped many people understand how to respond effectively.

Catherine Mattice, MA

Catherine Mattice, MA is a professional consultant, trainer and coach who assists organizations in developing solutions and systemic action plans to build positive corporate cultures. Catherine has also experienced what it is like to be the target of workplace bullying while working at a non-profit. In her chapter she shares her insights into talking to management and HR. There is a right way (to be heard) and a wrong way (that can get you fired). Catherine's chapter "Talking to Management and HR about Bullying... And Getting Them to Actually Listen." is essential reading for targets.

William DeFoore, PhD

William DeFoore, PhD has spent over 30 years studying anger and sharing his insights to help people take their anger and transform it into a force for positive change in their lives. Few targets of workplace bullying have come through the experience without feeling a profound sense of injustice, anger and even rage. While the raw emotion of anger can be useful in spurring you on to take action, it can also be crippling. Anger can torment you, drive you into depression, ruin your relationships and eat away at your soul. Read "The 10-Step Plan For Transforming Anger Into A Force For Positive Change."

Anne-Marie Quigg, PhD

Anne-Marie Quigg, PhD author of Bullying in the Arts: Vocation, Exploitation and Abuse of Power, is Director of creative and community sector consultants Jackson Quigg Associates Ltd. and has been researching the issue of workplace bullying since 2001. She has amassed a great deal of information including quantitative data, research findings of academics and anti-bullying groups and real-life case studies. She shares her insights into the phenomenon of workplace bullying and mobbing including directions targets can take to move forward with their lives with "Routes to Solutions."

Ricky Powell

Ricky Powell, a forty year veteran of the entertainment industry has had the opportunity to view life through its brightest and darkest moments. These eye-opening experiences have taught him the importance of "choosing happiness" on a daily basis. As a professional author, speaker, consultant and coach, Ricky demonstrates that happiness is a choice one can make regardless of outer circumstances and how doing so will bring greater wealth, better health, stronger relationships and a more fulfilled life. Ricky empowers individuals and transforms businesses by facilitating a structured culture of happiness, which leads to increased productivity, lower absenteeism and higher profits.

Lorna Stremcha

Lorna Stremcha, is the author of, Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight… a woman-to-woman recipe for life, Bravery, Bullies, & Blowhards: Lessons Learned In A Montana Classroom, an award-winning educator and coach, an advocate against school and workplace bullying, a listed speaker for Bullying Police USA and one of the first thirteen individuals to co-author the healthy work place bullying act in the United States. Today, Lorna shares her life lessons with others in hopes of helping them live a healthier life after bullying and sexual harassment. She is currently working with young adults she taught. After all mentoring is the name of the game. Plan! Love! Live!

Dr. Sophie Henshaw

Dr. Sophie Henshaw, is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Perth, WA. She has experienced workplace bullying both personally and professionally. Starting her career as a public servant in a maximum-security prison that ostensibly had “a zero tolerance to bullying”, she was the target of a serial workplace bully. She understands what targets face. Over her working life she has been sexually harassed, targeted by two senior psychiatrists and most recently, a Facebook bully threatened to destroy her career. Learn how she successfully fended off this vicious social media attack.

Jennifer Bradley

Jennifer Bradley, PhD, is a Psychologist and Certified Coach, specializing in career and work-life transitions. She has lived and worked internationally and experienced some twists and turns in her own career. She knows from her personal experience that career change and job search can feel overwhelming at times. Being great at your job doesn’t mean you have the skills to manage career change. Through private coaching, classes, and writing she empowers her clients with the knowledge, practical tools, and support that they need for more resilient careers.

"Nathan Ford" – Another contributor to this e-book writes using the pen-name "Nathan Ford" because, for now, he has to remain anonymous. This is because he is still using the very strategies and tactics that are shared in this ebook to fight off and shut down workplace bullies and has been doing so successfully for years!

Ebook is in PDF format
for immediate download
and is now only $17

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"Anton has arisen like a phoenix from the ashes of his own bullying experience to provide generous, intelligent and practical support to others in similar painful predicaments through his fabulous websites and other services. Anton, you rock!"

~ Glynis Sherwood, MEd, CCC

What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know
What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Take Your LIfe Back And Put Workplace Bullying Behind You...

You shouldn't have to put up with workplace bullying! Remember, there is no risk in ordering. I am confident it is well worth it many times over, but if you don't agree there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Order today and start getting your life back!!

All the Best,

Anton Hout,

PS. – Remember, in addition to the ebook and all the bonuses, all future updates are also included.

Ebook is in PDF format
for immediate download
and is now only $17

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30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee