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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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RN Being Bullied By Patients

I have been a nurse for forty years and over the last year that I have moved here to the south and been working at this hospital, my abuse is from the

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RN Bullied At Work

I was hired on to an Oncology Unit. A co-worker I had previously worked with told her manager, and after a rather uncomfortable interview, I accepted the

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Workplace Bullying At Customer Service Job

I have been at my new job for 5 weeks. My first 4 weeks were supposed to be training weeks but I was placed with an individual who clearly didn't want

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My grandson is 8 years old. He has been hating going to school at the end of last year and was very emotional about it but never said anything to mom,

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Veterinary Technician Bullied At Work

I was offered a job 3 years ago by my friend and colleague at the time to be her head tech at her new practice she was starting. I jumped at the chance

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Unique Workplace Bullying At Small Restaurant

I had worked in a small restaurant for nearly two years and at the end of my employment there I had been bullied so badly I wished I was dead. Nobody seriously

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Lost My Teaching Career

I worked as a teacher for 15 years without incident and had a spotless record. A new special education teacher came to me in distress because some third

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Team Leader Had Me Terminated

I worked for a Industry Training Organisation. For my first 7 weeks, the team leader was friendly. In the 8th week when I started to ask questions saw

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I've Experienced Mobbing Throughout My Life

My story of mobbing is actually pretty long. The first time I've experienced mobbing was with 16 in highschool. Nobody talked to me, I was excluded and

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Bullied At Work By Other Waitresses

I used to work for a small Italian place as a server. I worked with three other girls, two who liked me at first, and one, I’ll call her Sam, who hated

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Dark and Negative

All I can say is that where I work, there are some employees of the company who are impressively negative, angry, and full of what only can be called as

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One Rule For Target And One For Bully

My 14 year old son has other children constantly verbally winding him up or, for example, throwing ball at the back of his head. He tries to ignore it

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Family Member Turns To Bully In Workplace

I got a job working with an old family member (meaning we were once family members but no longer due to divorce). I'll call her Tonya. I thought we had

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Operative Worker Being Bullied

I am being victimised and bullied by my line manager and his assistant to the extent it has made me ill. I am on my 2nd attempt to return to my old position

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Friend Who Was Boss Turns Into A Bully Boss

I got my job because I was friends with a boss. I ended horrible friendship and she punished me at work for it till I finally quit when it was affecting

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Surgical Technologist Bullied At Work

I am a surgical technologist - I have a college degree with a two year surgical technology degree. I worked mostly in eye surgery—worked there eight months.

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Over Jealous Coworker

To give a background to the situation, both myself and the bully are the same age. When I started my job, I was chatting with the bully and she was expressing

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Harassed At Every Job I Had

To start off, I will refer myself to as T in these situations. I am a 25 year old female, and I decided to focus my all in getting a bachelors instead

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Being Different Results In Workplace Bullying

So, I work with almost all females and I had been told by a so-called friend/co-worker that no one likes me in the department. If she is telling me this

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Scapegoated At Private Company Where Manager Is King Of His Kingdom

Dear Out There, I am at the end of my rope. I am employed by a man who has humiliated me and degraded me in front of co workers to the point that I have

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Class Action Lawsuit Against The Post Office

Hello, I have heard quite a bit of horror stories that were caused by the Post Office. I have my own incredible story to tell. I would like to start a

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I Am Being Bullied And No One Will Believe Me

Everyone from the Manager to her subordinates leave me out of the social life at the office. The rest of the staff all order pizza and food and they have

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Workplace Bullying At A Popular Grocery Store Chain Warehouse

I worked in a very popular grocery store chain warehouse, for 5 years I worked day shift and had friends and good coworkers (about 30 employees). I’m

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8 Year Old Boy Receives Death Threats At NY School—Police And School Admins Refuse To Act

My son who is 8 years old has been bullied for the last couple of years by the same child in the same New York Public School. He has been spit at, hit,

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