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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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How About A Family From Hell Category?

I've had neighbors from hell, bosses from hell, school bullies from hell, etc. But what riles me the most is having family members from hell. You don't

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Workplace Mobbing At A Big Bank

Hi everyone, I wanted to share my current experience of bullying and harassment in the workplace, and hopefully get some advice and support from anyone

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Strict Christians

I grew up in churches so strict that if you weren't entirely perfect you were considered evil and going to hell. I have become a bully, but God sent His

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Workplace Bullying and Mobbing Human Rights Commission Case Outcome

The following is a response I gave to a lady who is dealing with severe bullying at work and she was asking how a complaint I filed with the Human Rights

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City Carrier Assistant Bullied At Post Office

I was working with the post office for over four years when a thirty year+ employee referred his friend to transfer into the post office that I was currently

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Landlady's Grandson Engages In Bullying Tactics

Hello, My landlady's grandson engages in bullying tactics on an ongoing basis. It would take an entire novel to provide examples as there are many. I've

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Ostracized, Neglected And Victim Of Virtual Attacks

I'm a normal young man with 27 years old. This is not the first time I have been bullied at work. I left my previous job for that very reason, but I will

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Shunned Survivor

I grew up on a Kansas farmstead 82 years ago. Our family was pacifist, anti-Baptist. Peace Makers. By the time I was ten or so, I was already labeled in

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Second Time Around Neighbours From Hell!

We are a middle aged married couple private home owners living above a flat managed by the local council with council renters. We had previously two neighbours

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Narcissistic Mother-Daughter Duo

Hello, I am a first-time poster to this forum. I have a 13 year-old daughter who is having trouble with a classmate - we'll call her Anna. Anna utilizes

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Bullied Out Of Job As Administrator With A Very Large Well Known PLC

I started work a few months ago with a very large well known PLC. On paper the company claimed to be a fantastic employer and had won awards for its investing

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There Are Plenty Of Churches Out There, Don't Go To One That Is The Wrong Fit

I don't have a religious bullying story per se because I will leave a church before it gets to that point. Unlike a job or a home which is a fundamental

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Twilight Zone Nightmare

I have been working in the same office for about 10 years. A few years ago a new worker transferred to the office. She was assigned a simple task picking

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RN Being Bullied By Patients

I have been a nurse for forty years and over the last year that I have moved here to the south and been working at this hospital, my abuse is from the

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RN Bullied At Work

I was hired on to an Oncology Unit. A co-worker I had previously worked with told her manager, and after a rather uncomfortable interview, I accepted the

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Workplace Bullying At Customer Service Job

I have been at my new job for 5 weeks. My first 4 weeks were supposed to be training weeks but I was placed with an individual who clearly didn't want

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My grandson is 8 years old. He has been hating going to school at the end of last year and was very emotional about it but never said anything to mom,

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Veterinary Technician Bullied At Work

I was offered a job 3 years ago by my friend and colleague at the time to be her head tech at her new practice she was starting. I jumped at the chance

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Unique Workplace Bullying At Small Restaurant

I had worked in a small restaurant for nearly two years and at the end of my employment there I had been bullied so badly I wished I was dead. Nobody seriously

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Lost My Teaching Career

I worked as a teacher for 15 years without incident and had a spotless record. A new special education teacher came to me in distress because some third

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Team Leader Had Me Terminated

I worked for a Industry Training Organisation. For my first 7 weeks, the team leader was friendly. In the 8th week when I started to ask questions saw

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I've Experienced Mobbing Throughout My Life

My story of mobbing is actually pretty long. The first time I've experienced mobbing was with 16 in highschool. Nobody talked to me, I was excluded and

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Bullied At Work By Other Waitresses

I used to work for a small Italian place as a server. I worked with three other girls, two who liked me at first, and one, I’ll call her Sam, who hated

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Dark and Negative

All I can say is that where I work, there are some employees of the company who are impressively negative, angry, and full of what only can be called as

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