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School Bullying Laws

Master Deputy Bob Walsh Speaks Out Against Bullying While Also Entertaining


Master Deputy Bob Walsh is passionate about helping to put an end to school bullying. While school bullying laws do not always protect students, awareness is key to stopping bullying. He shares with parents of bullied children some insights into school bullying laws...

Master Deputy Bob Walsh says, "Bullying is not specifically defined in the Code of Virginia. However, the acts associated with bullying are criminal offenses and may be prosecuted by having the offending child’s parent take out charges at the local Magistrates Office. Or, the police can do it if they see the crime.

You will need to provide all facts and names of witnesses. The judicial system will then initiate a summon’s to appear in court. Types of charges that occur from bullying include: Threat, Harassment, Assault and Battery, Hazing, Robbery, Extortion. These crimes can get you kicked out of school, sent to Juvenile Detention and, if serious enough, sent to the adult jail if you are certified as an adult (this can be as young as 14 in Virginia). So, if you don’t correct your behavior, you could end up in jail.

In law enforcement, bullying involves name calling, shoving and violence. It has been said that 30% of students are bullies or victims of bullying. Experts say 70% of the rest of students are witnesses. Witnesses are students who see bullying happen but give the bully an audience by looking and laughing at someone getting picked on. It used to be said the cigarette smoking was the gateway to illegal drug use. Now, bullying has become the gateway to gangs as children reach their teens."

While school bullying laws vary in different jurisdictions raising awareness is important everywhere.

In this video Inmate Joe and Master Deputy Bob Walsh talk with host Bob Batcher about bullying. Bullies do not know how to make friends, they want attention, they have been bullied by others, excluded from activities with their peers and may join a gang later on because they have no friends.

Bully Puppet Meets Deputy Bob And Loses - Norfolk Virginia

For more information visit Deputy Bob Walsh's website


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