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Depression Articles

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Bullying and Depression

Bullying and mobbing can result in depression, but what depression treatment is available to provide relief? Before we explore depression treatment or depression medication it is important to make sure we understand the meaning of a diagnoses of depression.

While you may be experiencing some of the depression symptoms, clinical depression is more than just a short term feeling of sadness. It is perfectly normal to feel down from time to time as a reaction to life's trials and tribulations.

Serious events like the death of a loved one or being fired, for example, are very upsetting and can be traumatic in themselves. While you go through the greiving process you will naturally be unhappy. Over time this changes and you begin to heal.

While the tramatic event has affected you it hasn't shaken your sense of yourself, your self-worth, your hopes for the future. These feelings, while they may seem to last forever while you are going through them are relatively short-term.

If this state presists and is in conjuntion with other depressive symptoms you may be suffering from depression. Depression is a serious medical condition but the good news is there are depression treatment and depression medication options available to help you cope in the short term and overcome depression in the long term.

In the case of bullying or mobbing the traumatic events are ongoing. There is not enough time to heal between assaults and the victim of bullying faces a continuing cycle where the healing process is disrupted with fresh injuries continuing to bombard them. This results in an unnatural and ongoing state of depression that can require medical intervention and depression treatment which may include depression medication, natural depression relief remedies and a health and wellness program.

Read through the Depression Articles listed at the top of this page to begin your journey out of the heart of darkness. You may also want to have a look through our Stress Management Information section.

Important Disclaimer

While the information here is provided to help you understand depression symptoms it is not to be used to self-diagnose or to determine depression treatment or depression medication. If you are experiencing depressive symptoms discuss this with qualified medical practitioners.
See also our Terms of Use.


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