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Deepak Chopra Meditation –
Breakthrough Meditation Software

Wild Divine Secrets of Meditation

Deepak Chopra meditation seminars and products are some of the most sought after in the world. People from all walks of life turn to Chopra's work for a variety of reasons – to reduce stress, overcome anxiety, or work through loss and difficult life experiences. Meditation has direct applications for victims of bullying – both for learning to deal with and overcome current bullies, and to heal wounds left by bullies from the past. Chopra features in many of the guided meditation products from Wild Divine, which have helped thousands of people worldwide find deeper inner peace and well-being.

The Foundations of Deepak Chopra Meditation

Chopra's meditations are designed to help people who seek greater calm and a more harmonious inner life through greater control of the workings of the mind and emotions. As many practitioners of meditation report, a more ordered inner life leads to a more stress-free life in the outer world. Chopra's meditations achieve this by guiding you through visualization exercises and using music and sounds that affect the brain on a subconscious level.

Relaxing Rhythms from Wild Divine

Relaxing Rhythms is one of the most popular guided meditations from Wild Divine featuring Deepak Chopra. This program goes a lot deeper than simple breathing and visualization exercises designed to help you relax. It involves what are referred to as “biofeedback mechanisms,” using advanced methods to actually make lasting changes to the rhythms of your body. This means regular use of the meditations has a lasting effect on all areas of your life at all times of the day – not just when you're actually meditating.

Ultimately, Relaxing Rhythms is a program designed to help give you greater control over your life. In situations where you have to deal with a bully or you feel held back by emotional damage caused by past bullying, you'll be able to better control your emotions, relax and present a more confident front.

In addition to the guided meditation this program also includes Wild Divine's Iom meditation software. It works in conjunction with the hardware provided by Wild Divine to measure your biofeedback, which include sensors that attach to your fingertips as you meditate. This is pretty fascinating stuff – you can actually monitor rhythms and changes going on inside your body. Being able to see this with your own eyes on your computer screen makes it all the more powerful, because it makes you realize the real physical effects guided meditations like this can have on you.

New Secrets of Meditation Program

Wild Divine has released a meditation program, created by Deepak Chopra, called Secrets of Meditation. Whereas Chopra features on Relaxing Rhythms with two other meditation experts, Secrets of Meditation is a pure Deepak Chopra meditation program. This program takes meditation software to a new level beyond Relaxing Rhythms with a fully interactive software that guides you through the meditation process.

Secrets of Meditation is designed to alter the way its users experience their everyday lives. Again, it's about going beyond basic relaxation techniques that might help you “chill out” for ten minutes, but their effects disappear the moment you get back into a stressful situation. To successfully deal with the effects of bullying you need to have consistent control over your own emotional reactions to tough situations. Without that, you'll always be falling back into the same habits that have afflicted you in the past – backing down from conflict, for example. The idea of Secrets of Meditation is to strengthen your inner self and your perspectives on life experiences to the point where you more easily deal with outside pressures. Not only that, but feeling more relaxed and peaceful on the inside leads to smoother communication and dealings with others in your day to day life.

Secrets of Meditation can be ordered now from Wild Divine. If Chopra's previous collaborations with Wild Divine are anything to judge by this should be at the very least a useful program for anyone looking to develop better inter-personal skills and inner control and relaxation.

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Secrets of Meditation

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