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Deepak Chopra –
Secrets of Meditation, Revealed

The release of the Deepak Chopra Secrets of Meditation program has been eagerly awaited by people around the globe. Chopra's books and meditation have far-reaching benefits for people from many walks of life, whether they happen to be seeking a higher level of consciousness or simply a more relaxed work life. Regular meditation can be a powerful force for changing your situation if you're having problems with workplace bullying. Meditation helps you develop the inner resources you'll often need to deal with the dominating personalities of bullies.

Here are a few insights into what's
inside the Secrets of Meditation

The program will cover each of the following areas.

Developing concentration – this is one of the central benefits of this type of guided meditation, and it has ongoing effects on your experiences in the workplace. Better concentration can help you get more done without feeling as stressed, and that overall feeling of accomplishment and calm automatically makes it easier to handle the difficult people you have to deal with at work (or at home).

Developing the ability to deal with stress – learning to handle stress consistently is about more than just taking a deep breath and counting to ten. Deepak Chopra's Secrets of Meditation will be a program that helps you develop greater control over your own thoughts and feelings. This helps you stop being a "victim of your own reactions" by realizing that you can control how you respond to any given situation. This in turn lets you stay calm and collected when dealing with people who are deliberately trying to manipulate or bully you.

More positive relationships – sometimes problems with bullies are best dealt with by changing your own communication strategy. It may sound counter-intuitive, but often a new approach to the way you talk to problem people will "throw them off" their normal track and force them to assume a new approach to communication at the same time. Developing the inner skills to form and maintain positive relationships can actually help you influence the behavior of those around you, instead of constantly reacting to old, deeply ingrained patterns and habits.

Increasing your natural energy – it's hard to make any effort to resist a dominating personality when you're exhausted all the time. A key part of being able to assert yourself is having the inner resources to do so, and energy is an important part of that. Meditation can help you reach a higher level of everyday energy – in other words it can help you bring your baseline energy higher than what you have come to accept it as. There's really little reason you can't feel good most of the time, but if you've been stuck in a pattern of unhappiness for a long time it requires a conscious effort to re-order the mental patterns that dictate much of you inner and outer life.

Meditation Software:
Merging Technology and Consciousness

One thing that makes this program unique compared to most other guided meditation products is the fully integrated software and biofeedback hardware that can be used with it. The Grapher hardware system allows you to record actual biology processes and changes in your body via fingertip sensors, and this information can then be watched and reviewed through Wild Divine's Iom software. If you've already used these tools as part of Wild Divine's Relaxing Rhythms program, you don't need to buy anything else – the same tools are completely compatible with this new program from Deepak Chopra.

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Secrets of Meditation

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