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Workplace Bullying Recovery:

Getting Help to "Come Back From the Dead"


By Richard Schwindt M.S.W.,R.S.W.

I have a psychologist friend who says, metaphorically, that "people can come back from the dead". If you feel dead, abandoned by your colleagues, suicidal, joyless, anxious, sick and, wounded by the bullying then take this statement to heart and hold on.

  Richard Schwindt M.S.W.,R.S.W.

Richard Schwindt M.S.W., R.S.W. is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist specializing in the emotional recovery of targets of workplace bullying and mobbing. He can utilize Skype and Paypal for Canadian clients. For more information visit

Any serious and experienced healer understands that our body and spirit are remarkably resilient. As a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist I am in awe of my clients ability to recover under the most dire circumstances. This is important to targets of workplace bullying.

Many of us have experienced severe abuse resulting in psychological injury. It will take hard work and commitment to reclaim the parts of yourself that the bully tried to destroy. It is a challenging path with many setbacks but the good news is that with perseverance you will succeed. Exposed to the bully you can only survive or fight. I hope these tips are helpful and vados con dios. However, free of the bully you can get back the joy of life, human connection and feeling of safety that you had before he set out to break your spirit.

What follows is a list of healing statements. Using your family doctor and perhaps a therapist are good conventional choices but bear in mind that healing is a complex and varied phenomenon. Open yourself up to the many choices in the healing bazaar and use your imagination. Consider this list of healing statements. Some or none might be helpful to you. Some cost money and some are free. You may prefer psychological and secular help to spiritual guidance (or vice versa). All are legitimate and this is only the short list:

  1. I went for counselling and my therapist helped me to see how the bully preyed on my need to be liked.

  2. I felt peaceful in my body and began to understand that prayer and faith in God can really help.

  3. I was introduced to a drumming group that had just started up on the Rez. When I began to understand my culture I began to understand myself.
  4. My painting (writing, singing, dance, drumming, stand-up comedy) is what stands between me and going crazy.

  5. The medication helped me to focus enough to find another job.

  6. Once they began to treat the diabetes I felt strong enough to make a decision.

  7. I got together with others who had been bullied. We went to our MP and demanded that the government investigate the abuse of workers at our organization. That experience helped me more than anything the social workers did.

  8. At my lowest point I decided to volunteer for the Soup kitchen and you would not believe how good it was to forget the bullying for awhile and focus on someone else.

  9. When I finally finished night school and got a job as a teacher I was able to walk away from the bully with my head held high. It's amazing the difference having some choices makes in this world.

  10. Finally I decided just to stop drinking. I needed to face what happened with a clear mind.

  11. I sat down with my wife, apologized, and then we really talked. She understood far more than I ever realised.

  12. Once I decided that a job wasn't worth dying over, the rest was easy.

  13. It turns out the guy I talk to every day in the coffee shop teaches Tai Chi. I'm starting his class tomorrow.

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Richard Schwindt M.S.W.,R.S.W. is a social worker in private practice in Kingston, Ontario. His website is


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