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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

08Bullying - UK Petition

by Vicky

I was bullied by a manager for over 12 months. I made a formal complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman with regards to the way the City Council dealt with my Grievance and Appeal. I was informed that they were unable to investigate personnel matters. The Grievance was based on Bullying and Oppressive Behaviour the witness’ where not questioned on these matters.

There are public policy issues beyond my individual dispute in the way in which the system is administered, the inability for a grievance to be addressed fairly and dispassionately, the need for the equivalent of an ombudsman to be able to investigate such contested cases.

There are 34 County Councils and 238 District Councils in England, 32 in Scotland and 22 in Wales. How many employees have been subjected to Bullying and Oppressive Behaviour by managers who have in effect dealt with the matters internally and reached the required result the council wishes to achieve. Local councils investigate there own complaints, which I feel is a conflict of interest.

I feel this matter needs addressing and the way to achieve this is through Legislation in the House of Commons, by introducing a Local Government Bill, or Parliament to extend the powers of the Local Government Ombudsman to include personnel issues. Could you please ask your members to sign my petition?


When you complete the petition - it will email you a link which you have to click to actually have your name added to the list. Please do remember to check your spam folder if your email doesn't appear and make sure your name is on the list!

Comments for 08Bullying - UK Petition

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Unaccountable Managers

I am sure you are 100% correct. I worked in the Public Sector in the UK for 40 years, and although I frequently came across serial bullies (they are more common than people realise) I never once saw any of them taken to task, nor their appalling activities curtailed in any way whatsoever.

Even the really "thick" sort, the ones who obtained management positions through the ludicrous and corrupt promotion systems that existed throughout my tenure were exempt from action. They often knew nothing whatsoever about the job. No matter how embarrassing were their actions to more senior "management", nor how devastating the effects on various innocent victims, they were always safe in the knowledge that if any complaints were made, the system would ensure that it was played down, and, if anything the victims were penalised for speaking up. Complainants are virtually dragooned into agreeing to an "informal" discussion with the bully, and nothing more. The discussion is a "display of democracy", just to keep the employer on the right side of what puny law exists.

IT IS ASTONISHING THAT THIS SORT OF BEHAVIOUR IS ALLOWED. The perpetrators should lose their jobs and be blacklisted from holding authorative positions in any workplace for the rest of their working lives. Proper legislation would make proven cases punishable under criminal law.

PARLIAMENT MUST ACT... but they won't because we live in a boss-protecting society.

Good luck for the future, and I hope things improve for you...

Poor Employee Protection
by: Anonymous

Bullying is more common that alot of people realised in both the private and public sectors in the UK. There are limited laws designed to protect staff but they only protect those being bullied on race, sex or religious grounds and do not cover others. Additionally those laws that do exist are commonly ignored by companies and government authorities with delays in dealing with grievances very common. These delays leave many employees with no legal redress unless they resign. To loose your job in order to have your mistreatment addressed is an very inappropriate way for our laws to operate.

There are significant gaps in employment law. If government do not see this as an important issue in these days of the credit crunch they simply need to consider the significant cost to the government of those being bullied on long term sick leave and of the loss of productivity created by the inefficient dealing of this issue.

Protected Senior Post Holders
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with the past comments of how 'old school' type senior managers are protected by organisations due to their 'great work' and their bullying is 'unofficially' investigated just to look good but not taken seriously. This happened to me and then after the outcome I was threatened with disciplinary action by the bully. There needs to be legislation in place to protect victims, I was told it was unreasonable to have someone else present at all meetings with him yet everything he threatened was when we were on our own. Their behaviour and that of the organisation who protect them shows poor and iresponsible practice and I will always ask at interviews now what their bullying procedures are and how many complaints have been made within the last 12 months! Good Luck to all those who have fallen prey to an inadequate individual who conducts themselves so badly as to bully someone else so they may feel powerful, they are weak and should be obligated to ensure they are identified and guided to be better human beings!

by: Vicky


With the current recession employees need more protection in the workplace. I have started a new petition to Stop Bullying in The Workplace. It's Called 09Bullying could you please sign it and pass it on? //petitions.number10.gov.uk/09Bullying/ When you complete the petition - it will email you a link which you have to click to actually have your name added to the list. Please do remember to check your spam folder if your email doesn't appear and make sure your name is on the list!

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