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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Under the Radar

by Fed Up

I’ve been in my current position for five years. Since I started I’ve been the target of bullying when the previous employees decided to leave because of the treatment one actually called on the phone stating that her mental health was destroyed. Another was locked in the restroom screaming “I’m not leaving”. When one of the other employee’s said his mother in law was there to pick him up and took him to the hospital. I was taken after I started cutting my hair and crying, tried to explain to the manager on duty and she threw up her hand in disgust. It’s no secret that I’m an introvert I tend to reserve my energy and not a loudmouth.

Today I was once again stuck on self check out. Anyone who has ever worked on self check out knows how difficult watching multiple checkouts at once. I also had instances where I would have to watch the three self checkouts and had my own drawer on the regular register. It was hard getting someone to come up and help. Often times I would be left to my own to deal. Prior to the self check outs when it was the regular registers I could get them out quick and with accuracy. One day I was the only employee on call had a large number of customers tried calling for management. No response, so I took a huge breath and “got to business” got them out in about 20-30 minutes, some small talk, scan, thank them, and on to the next customer.

I went to get some tobacco from behind the counter. When I got back to the self check out the one guy on #3 left with his stuff without paying. I’m guessing because I tend to keep to myself management decided to keep me in the dark about reporting stolen goods. There is a lot of valuable info purposely kept from us (and myself). I was told through my tenure that I’m: insubordinate, predicable, unmotivated. Because I’m an introvert.

Recently, I sent an email to HR explaining what has transpired lately. When I spoke to the general manager I told her everything but it seemed I was talking to a wall. She said that she would investigate.

For anyone in this type of situation it’s important to document everything (paper trail) even with write ups. Write a follow up email to HR since the write up is just you said you acknowledge said write up. But keep it simple and to the point keep track especially if your an introvert or shy like me.

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