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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

What Type of Bullying are You Experiencing?

Whether you are dealing with workplace bullying, school bullying or cyber bullying we have information that can help. We also have forums so you can share your experiences with others and get feedback. Despite all the media attention about bullying it continues to be a huge problem in workplaces, schools, communities and, of course, now the internet has seen the rise of the cyber-bully. Join us to find out more about bullying and what you can do to protect yourself and loved ones...

What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

This ebook has become essential reading for anyone who is being bullied at work or managers who want to understand the real damage workplace bullies cause to morale, productivity and the bottom line.

  • What To Do If You Are Being Bullied Now
  • How To Approach Management and HR
  • How To Save Your Career, Health & Sanity
  • How To Move On and Bully-Proof Yourself
  • and Much More... Download it Today!

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Do You Know the Signs of Workplace Bullying?

  • Are you suddenly being excluded from meetings?
  • Having resources you need to do your job controlled by someone who seems determined to see you fail?
  • Unusual changes in workload (way too much or none at all)?
  • Nobody wants to say hello to you or sit with you at lunch because they seem afraid to be associated with you because they don't want to be next on the bully's 'hit list'?
  • Are you an excellent worker who's always gotten great performance reviews but suddenly nothing you do is right?

What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

New Workplace Bullying Articles

Happy man giving thumbs-up sign.

Getting Fired From Job Because Of Workplace Bullying May Be Blessing
Fired from job because of workplace bullying? Getting fired after workplace bullying may be a blessing in disguise.

Woman taking depression medication.

Depression Medication Is Not Necessarily The Answer
Depression medication may seem like a good idea if you are depressed due to workplace bullying, but is it really?

Man massaging woman's shoulders at work.

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
Sexual harassment in the workplace is all too common and is one of the more destructive forms of bullying at work.

Dealing With Harassment At Work
Harassment at work can take many forms, from demanding bosses to unfair work policies to unwanted sexual advances.

Man exhibiting symptoms of hypervigilance.

Hypervigilance Is Often Misdiagnosed As Paranoia
Hypervigilance is a real, misunderstood effect of an ongoing traumatic experience, like workplace bullying, often misdiagnosed as paranoia.

Man exhibiting symptoms of Complex PTSD.

Complex PTSD: The Unseen Side Effect of Workplace Bullying
Complex PTSD is an often missed effect of prolonged traumatic experience like sexual abuse or workplace bullying.

New Youth/School Bullying Articles

Teenage boy carrying schoolbag.

High School Bullying And What Should Be Done For Targets Of Abuse
High school bullying is a real problem, but it is generally one of the most misunderstood types of bullying.

Teenage Suicide Prevention

Teenage Suicide Prevention Through Bullying Prevention
How much would teenage suicide prevention improve by reducing both bullying and the effect of bullying on targets?

New Cyber Bullying Articles

Internet Trolls: Bullying In The Electronic Age

Internet Trolls: Bullying In The Electronic Age
Internet trolls have become a major issue with the advent of social media and can cause serious emotional trauma.

New Stress Management Articles

Woman relaxing outside on warm autumn day.

Stress Management Strategies To Deal With Workplace Bullying
Stress management strategies can be a matter of life and death due to the effects of stress caused by workplace bullying.

Man relaxing at work.

Stress Management In The Workplace
Stress management in the workplace is an important issue, as work stress affects more than 65% of working adults.

The Stress Vitamin Connection

The Stress Vitamin Connection
Nutritionists and doctors recognize a stress vitamin connection and the role vitamins play in stress management.

New General Bullying Articles

Word bullying on page of dictionary.

Different Types of Bullying And How They Can Affect Us
Types of bullying can include both the place that the bullying occurs and the actual form the bullying takes.

Is Your Child A Target of School Bullying?

Is Your Child Being Targeted For Daily Abuse?

Resources For Parents Here

Parents Can Share Their Experiences and Get Feedback Here

We Are Here To Help...

Providing Information, Resources and Tools to Help Schools, Businesses and Individuals Deal with Workplace and School Bullying — Effectively.

Targets of Workplace and School Bullying and Mobbing

If you or a loved one is the Target of Bullying we have a lot of information to help you deal with School Bullying and Workplace Bullying as well as resources related to Panic Attacks, Stress Management, Depression Treatment and Health & Wellness.

You can Share Your Workplace Bullying Stories Here. Help and be helped.

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