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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

46 Years Small Town Bullying in Kansas May Be Coming To An End

by Rose

I am a 2,000/hr year volunteer for two nonprofits in my home town in rural Kansas. Some readers know of my years of nightmare of being the Red Herring diversion and have had countless mobbing attacks that have destroyed two historic buildings our nonprofit was trying to save. Authorities would turn the other way. Attorneys who tried to help disappeared within weeks, never to return. Some have told me the attacks increased when a huge flow of drugs were coming through the county.

June 2nd, 2014 has been the worst attack I've ever had. Suddenly that night at the council meeting the police/mayor/city council decided the historic building I was living in was in immediate danger of collapsing. Our nonprofit had an engineering study done and knew only one end needed repair. But THEIR engineer only walked around the building, two sides, and wrote a "memorandum" that ordered me to get out immediately. Before I could walk across the street from the city council meeting, the entire block had been barricaded, and padlocks put on all the door and I was not allowed to enter. To make a Gestapo story short, I was allowed to retrieve my purse and when I reached for the phone to call an attorney I was brutally attacked by the cop and handcuffed and taken to jail. Later the Chief came back and had my pet dog killed.

When I entered the cell, the four young women asked in shock, "Grandma, what are you doing in here?" I answered, "Because I am an intelligent woman." They jumped out of their cots and cried out in unison "So are we, so are we." Then they told me about the drug cartels running right under our noses for years and how women are often victims to cover crime.

I bailed myself out (court pending for me beating up a cop--oh please) and things got worse with yet another illegal property attack, too long to detail here, and our nonprofit lost thousands of dollars. And nearly daily bullying by the police. It was the most horrible thing I've ever been through, and I've been through a lot. Kansas is so corrupt, there was no help from above.

I had a small place to camp out, but no phone, no computer, no food, no nothing....slowly I am rebuilding and have belatedly got our grassroots newspaper to press. (They want to silence the truth, of course)

A documentary producer is starting work on the horrors of this life story. It is complex and will take awhile, but once it is out, the whole world will know of the evil hell in this small Kansas town that began when La Costa Nostra designated a "soldier" here in 1920 who became very wealthy and controlled corruption for his workers for decades.

Now recently a retired businessman, tired of seeing the hell I've gone through, told me who has been behind every one of my hell attacks for decades--a sweet, nice, good ole boy that is the darling of the community, but few know of his sinister, psychopathic nature and all of the Evil that runs through his "front". I was shocked into disbelief at the name. But now the pieces fit. I sense he is about to be exposed by investigators as the Evil he has done is monumental. It will rock this town to it's core. To think I took the Red Herring brunt of his "big jobs" that he apparently masterminded is almost impossible to endure.

When he is caught as he surely will be, and when the documentary comes out, it will end. What a terrible road I've traveled but I never gave up hope, knowing that I was doing nothing wrong even when the citizens of the entire County turned against me for years--now many are speaking to me, and healing has begun as they start to understand the Truth. I honestly do not know how I endured except thru Faith in God, a healthy body, strong constitution and staying true to myself even when as a young woman I was nearly unwittingly ensnared by the Hunts and the CIA.

Maybe this will be the start of a small town revolution that will clean up many of our small prairie towns ruined by drugs and the mobbing of elected and appointed the charming, psychopath officials.

Find outsider non-toxic support friends--that precious five percent worth knowing--and "stay true to yourself" as a wise therapist told me 20 years ago... and you find the answers right for you and your situation. And never, never, never give up HOPE.

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Alas, The Bullying Did Not Come To An End
by: "Famous Vintage Woman"

What an optimist I was when I wrote the first commentary. The mobbing got worse. And worse. And worse.

On May 5, 2015 my historic hotel home with my lifetime of thousands of cultural artifacts and historic research were brutally demolished and hauled to the landfill by the thugs who control our town.

The locals gathered with their video cameras, having shunned our nonprofit endeavors for four and a half decades, and screamed, "E$^#^ the bitch. Get the bitch!". I stood alone except for two outsider people and sobbed as my entire life was destroyed that day. I am told that it is the most horrific mobbing violence Kansas has ever known. And the media would not touch it. But it is not over.

With a deep and abiding Faith I have rebuilt Hope and am working towards the healing of my hometown, inflicted with deep corruption in the 1920's when Lucky Luciano set up shop with the local banker.

Then in the 1980s Barry Seal brought cargo planes to our county loaded with Colombian drugs that made their way to the "top".

But everything changes, and even Evil will meet it's demise. A compassionate contingency attorney is taking care of that.

There is a tiny ray of light starting to shine through the darkest night the world has ever known. Never, never give up Hope and stay true to yourself. The Good will rise again. And my rare historic hotel home will be rebuilt as a symbol of Hope to the world.

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