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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

A Form Of Bullying: Gossip, Inuendo, And Group Participants In A Church

by Gracia

This situation involves a church and a few of its members who are part of a community project that does a lot for needy people by their various talents.

I believe I have been a target of their gossip. Since I don't know what the gossip is, I have no way to stop it, however the gossip is affecting my professional life and my new life in retirement in the community. To say I am shattered is an understatement. I had confided to some in the group (since it is a church) to pray for me as the medication I am on makes me very ill and it has other horrible side effects which have not been noted as warnings to those taking it because the drug is too new on the market and has no "studies."

I'm not quite sure, but I believe the gossip is because I am not my usual happy self; I have difficulties in speech now and what I say or do not say to others. I believe this group of ladies has determined as a group that I have mental issues or that I am on "drugs." This is very hurtful to me since I am a very good person, have always been pleasant, and have always helped as much as I can by contributing to their group with my time and talents.

When I asked them to pray for me, once, they looked at me as though I had a lot of audacity to ask them. It is difficult for me to believe that the pastor at this church would condone such behavior, but I have been warned by a few that do know me quite well in the community that this church has had past issues of such behavior and they cannot be changed, and therefore I must be quiet and just endure whatever it is that they are saying or that they believe about me.

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by: Lizzy NJ

The last line of your story gives you your own answer…


When you don't understand the ways of humanity; think about the PASSION narrative of when Jesus was whipped and scourged by the Roman soldiers prior to the crucifixion. Yes Yes; He did all that for our sins; but what is the message TO US who accept HIM?

Follow HIS LEAD. He never complained of them; maybe an ouch was muttered (he was both human and divine) but he never came at his persecutors. No 'bad' against any came from his lips.

Thus; we are to do likewise. This is to FOLLOW in the tougher aspect of FAITH. Many can follow as Christmas Christians; the part where gifts are handed to us and we are told we are special and loved. All well and good. But to those HE LOVES; He expects more…he expects us 'to pick up our cross' and FOLLOW HIM.

That means NO GRIPES, NO COMPLAINTS of 'them.' Difficult except by His grace.

Remember why you do good. Not for the adulation and praise of 'any' but for the CHRIST that is in 'them' …even those who persecute (or gossip) As the saying goes: 'what good is it to love those who love you back?" What does that do? Not a thing. To love 'others' who are gossiping about you …that takes CHARACTER. (now I don't suggest you be a doormat to them; if this charitable group in this church is not bringing you to any peace; Find an outside resource charity to volunteer and help in. (If you are happy with this faith congregation; come, worship God, go home and live what you worship Mon. thru Friday)

There are many faith practices …and you don't mention which denomination you are part of. There is a faith group that is 'the fullness of truth' / a Holy Family with a Spirtual Mother honored. I've said enough…

Stay where you are if the teachings of this church help you to Worship GOD…but volunteer elsewhere.

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