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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

A Group Of 5 Yr Old Bullies At School

Hello, my son he is 6, he has been really affected from being bullied at his school. This bullying involved him and 2 of his other friends (girls) being chased, pushed, kicked, hit, swore at and intimidated by a group of seven 5 yr olds. This happened for around 2 wks at school in most break times. I did notice more bruises and marks then usual over this period, my son had wet himself twice, was making things extremely difficult for me to get him dressed in the morn and was flinching and uncomfortable around his friend who can be quite aggressive at times.

Now he has lost his need to pretend everything is ok all the time, other behavioural changes have become apparent. I went through a list of feelings with him and he agreed with the following; Sad, irritated, scared, hurt, fear, worried, panic, hate, embarrassed and frustrated. He also feels that the school doesn't care about him. I am quite distressed and am finding it hard to cope, but I am worried that I am worrying too much. I feel guilty and that I have let my son down for not realising that this was going on and even previously asked him why he had so many bruises and a few scratches.

I am taking him to karate lessons this week to build up his confidence and have gone through bullying leaflets and talked to him about assertiveness from some info I found on the internet for children.

I only found out my child was being bullied through a friend whose child was one of the other victims. All 3 children have had frequent bruises to their bodies. Also after this not being recognised as happening by the dinner ladies and these children 'told' them repeatedly and the head's bare minimum response, and her telling me that even though these 7 children knew it was wrong there was no motive or intent and this was happening just because these kids had got into a routine.

All parents have been informed and the 3 children will report to the head after every lunch break for 3 weeks but my fear is that it will start up again after this point, I do not want this to happen and I have lost trust in the schools ability to keep my child safe. They have not reassured me sufficiently and have also broken protocol by not showing me a anti bullying policy when I have first asked and I'm still waiting on being given a copy after asking yet again.

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Duty of Care
by: Trinity

The school has a duty of care to your son. Phish around on the internet and find some legislation about duty of care, maybe some examples of parents sueing schools. Confront the parents of the bullies and show them the bruises. You are doing all the things a good mother does with building resilience skills, taking your son seriously and giving him lots of love and standing up to that school. Your son isn't just being physically abused, he is being psychologically abused by those children who have few social skills, and that kind of psychological abuse can even change the way his brain develops so act smart and zero tolerance. Change his school if you can, because this school obviously does not have the right or appropriate resources or skills for dealing with bad behaviour that just gets worse when those bullies grow up. Good luck.

Put the family tree of the bully online
by: sjs01420

Please document these events... be able to prove they are true... do not slander, the truth is the truth... and then post the Family Tree of the Bully on here, list the entire family and their place of employment and where they all attend school, be sure to use the city, county and state. Peer disapproval has always been the best medicine for such behavior. I bet when the parents get a taste of the humiliation it will stop or at least slow down. When someone does a search for this issue on Google, etc., we will then see the name of the BULLY and their family, school place of employment and any other available information. I would probably even list their address and the cars they drive. Let us put a stop to this.

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