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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

A Helpful Tip To Stop A Bully

by Anonymous
(Kansas, USA)

After years of enduring chronic bullying by a volunteer whose skills we desperately need for our nonprofit organization, I came up with a solution that seems to be working. It has not been easy. And it certainly may not help everyone, but I want to share it for anyone who might find it useful.

This male has a mental illness which only compounded the intense bullying on some days. (I noticed that foods and beverages with high fructose seemed to trigger him.) But after much hard work, I learned to desensitize myself from his attacks. I would "go numb," as it were, so he could not push a hot button.

Then one day I blurted out, "You know, your bullying is simply boring me. I wish you'd come up with some new attacks as I've heard all these before. You are boring me to death."

He looked at me with a stunned look and immediately stopped!

Now I use it routinely when he starts in, but sometimes he now even stops himself and says "I guess I am boring you again?"

He is becoming a bit more clever and still tries to get to me, but I simply get up now and walk out of the room and explain, "Your bullying is boring me. I am going for a walk. When I return I hope you have something new to say." It works every time!

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Great Advice
by: Anonymous

Just wanted to say that this is great advice! I tend to ignore the crap out of people and it bothers them more than anything I could ever say. These people desperately want to be acknowledged and when you don't give in it makes them go insane.

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