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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

A Mom Who Turned The Tables

by Jody
(Everett, WA, USA)

My children were being bullied by a boy who weighed more than the two of them together. In fact, he weighed a little more than me. His mother was aware of his bullying, but she only told him that he wouldn't have friends if he kept bullying other kids. He didn't care. The next time he attacked my children, I confronted him myself.

I told him that I took judo and karate in college, and I have thrown a 230 pound man over my shoulder. The man was my friend, so I didn't kick his face in when he started to get back up. Size doesn't make much difference if you know what to do, and I have a legal right to defend my children. The bully turned white as a sheet! I also pointed out that his size would make no difference against someone who has a gun. Every bully I've ever known eventually picked the wrong victim. Some of them went to early graves as a result. Others ended up living behind bars, like animals in the zoo. I told the bully that if he didn't change his behavior, he would find his own wrong victim one day.

He didn't bully my children any more, and they weren't afraid of him after seeing that he had been scared of their mom.
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