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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Abused Business Manager

My boss is masterful at winning debates or discussions and knows how to put a spin on things so good work is really the result of luck or others' contributions. He uses humiliation and putdowns for his own ego gratification and avoids firing people, self admitting he prefers to "chase them out".

Since joining our company 3 years ago, he has hired his 11 friends from a competitor to make up a majority that collaborate covertly against the established protocols of the company. Initially they were overt making statements that the way the structure and processing of work is not like they way they did it at their last job. They realized this opened them up for criticism from executive management who finally noticed this approach and now operate like a secret society, staging humiliation scenes strategically planned and executed in the office, through emails, and audio conferences.

The ownership has lost control of this situation, knows in part it exists as the bottom line is protected although we are functioning with chaos and with a lack of processes and structure, wasting loyal employees time, efforts and energy, so that that they can have their way, against the formal processes that maintain continuity between sales, engineering, customer service and other departments. This group is centralized in one of the departments of this division and each day seems to be an exercise of abuse of powers, that are not even defined in the roles and responsibilities of this group yet are permitted to throw their weight around, as the man in charge of the division, is their friend and hired them. There is no respect for the ISO or TS quality operating systems and procedures, actions are do "get it done" regardless of the consequences to others in the company, as long as it is as easy as possible for these chosen (hired) few.

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Bad luck
by: Trinity

Well I say 'bad luck' but these boss's crop up all over the place, I think it is part of their job description. It is no coincedence that wherever in the world I work in health, the one's that fuck off everyone else are the one's that get promoted to management and beyond.

Before you get into the depression/anxiety/PTSD for the rest of your life trap, do a little lateral thinking. Can you set yourself up independently?

Think long and hard, your skills are valuable and you don't have to put up with that crap.

Sorry about the awful 'boss.'
by: Sarah

I think the very first thing that companies (and society) need to do before they are able to tackle any sort of abuse is to mind how we use language.
The term 'boss' should immediately be thrown on the scrapheap and replaced by something a bit more amicable.
Sociopaths will take the word 'boss' at face value, and will think that it is alright to boss everyone around with impunity.
We have been very good in the past decade or two at changing certain words so as not to offend different groups of people.
I do not view this as necessarily a bad thing, so why not throw the word 'boss' on the scrapheap of history? Such offensive terms are no longer relevant in a modern workplace.
Eliminating bad words will not in itself, solve the bullying problem, but it will be a start I am sure.
Words are the precursor to actions, so let us hope we can change this one and think of something better to call those in authority.

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