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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Accounts Payable

by Dee

I just started a new job and I've been there 8 weeks. My boss tells me that I cant' ask my coworkers for any help at all; that I can only ask her. She also walks in my office when I'm talking to someone else and announces that she doesn't like when people whisper in the office when, in fact, no one is whispering. She has "warned" me to stay away from certain people because they are bitches and can't be trusted.

She constantly makes negative remarks to me about other coworkers and my coworkers have said that they are intimidated by her.

She also micromanages my work. In the short time I've been there, she has not communicated with me except to criticize every little thing I do. I do not have a clear understanding of what she expects, so communication is almost non existent.

I can't bear the thought of working one more day for her. I find that I'm experiencing headaches, jaw pain, and insomnia since I've been there. I'm also very depressed and can't think of anything except my job.

What should I do? Quit or stick it out?

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Reply Accounts Payable
by: Anonymous

I sincerely appreciate your circumstances. I worked in an environment like that with a complete Nazi B*tch Admin. I am a Lawyer and she decided because she has worked for the boss for almost 2 decades that she can tell the Lawyers how to do their job. She has no legal training.

Micromanagement, undermining, all the same as you're experiencing. Eventually, I resigned and started my own legal practice and am very happy. My advice is to look for another job. Don't burn your bridges and don't say bad things about her. She is a toxic person and is making you ill.

I wish you all the best.


Aussie Lawyer

Double-entry job keeping
by: Paul of Q

I think you should give your boss a choice: either she quits or you will. She is a dead loss while you are a valuable asset.

It seems she is a dedicated bully motivated, as are all bullies, by a deep-seated inferiority complex.

Ask yourself the question "Should I sacrifice my happiness for her misery?"

If you do decide to leave with joy, make sure she knows she is a lost cause doomed to a life of self-loathing.

Account Payable
by: Anonymous

Your boss have no respect for other employees. I think that why she say negative comments about them. I used to have a former boss who act like that. She used to say negative comments about me to other people. They were looking out for me and said "hey this girl had been badmouthing you to the boss". I did confronted her about it. She thought she was miss know it all. She used to criticize me all the times when I make mistakes sometimes. She used to tell me that I didn't know what I was doing even though I had doing it long enough before she start working there. Her immature attitude really annoyed me. I think that why I never did respect her like she wanted me to. Respect is earned, not given. Do not give respect to someone if they don't respect you at all. Some management leaders/supervisors think it is ok for someone to respect them while they act so negative.

RE: Accounts Payable
by: Anonymous

You should quit after you find another job. This boss will never give you a good reference. I have experienced working many years for a male boss who did these exact same things and more. The reason the boss acts this way is s/he is very afraid that the employees will get together and talk and go complain to higher authority about her or him. It's likely that she was complained about at a past job and reprimanded for abusing employees. Now she does everything possible to make sure employees don't talk to each other. Everything​ has to go through this boss, even if you need help. You will be micromanaged and fault will be found with your work. You will be belittled because this type of boss has to build a case that s/he has problem employees so if she is ever complained about, she can defend that the employee was such a problem that she was justifiably angry, micromanaging, and keeping the employee from wasting time socializing with other employees who were also problems and troublemakers. The only way to get along with this type of boss is to agree that the other employees are awful and give this boss dirt on the coworkers, and constantly feed the bosses ego, but it is always temporary as this type of boss is so paranoid. Also, it will destroy you to try to appease this type of boss. You can complain. It's best to find another job (not telling this boss you are looking) and leave.

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