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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Adults Bullying My Daughter

by Stsr
(Mansfield )

My daughter is now 15 and she gets called names by other mothers (one of which keeps doing daily). My daughter has been through so much in the last few months. She is a victim of rape. I'm getting the person done. She is on tablets daily as she is finding things hard to cope with which is understandable with what's going on.

My daughter's best friend's mother has told her daughter to stay away from my daughter as in her words she likes to have sex with older men, which to me is sick. Why would a woman being a mother herself say such a horrid thing about a child?

She has also got other members of her family stopping my daughter in the street shouting things at her and I've spoken to this woman and all I get is her telling me that her daughter will not end up the same as mine. So she keeps calling my daughter nasty names.

It's tormenting my child. I'm worried she will do something bad to herself if it doesn't stop. Is there anything link the law that I put on this woman to get her to stop?

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