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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Age Discrimination/"Too Old For Retail"

My manager does not speak to me at all. I was not trained properly on the computer. I clean the bathroom and the shop every day I go in. My hours have been cut from 20 a week to 3. My manager has made comments of not having patience for old people. (I am 55.) I am made to stand by an open door regardless of weather conditions to greet customers for hours at a time. The young girls check their cell phones behind the register and gossip.

I'm anxious all the time. I can't sleep at night. Younger women have been hired and my hours are going to them. Once cleaning the bathroom there was a tampon on top of the garbage I found this offensive and when I told my co-worker I would not clean the bathroom if I continued to see that kind of thing she yelled at me she had her period she wrapped it well in paper towel and she was not apologizing.

Regardless this job is over. Hard to find something in February. Here's the thing, I read a lot of you say HR is a joke; maybe so but if the job is gone anyway why the hell should I walk away with my tail between my legs? I DID NOTHING WRONG. What? Show up on time? Work late hours? Dress well? I am going to call HR. I don't expect any real outcome except maybe if I stand up for myself I won't feel like such a victim! I have already gotten in contact with a lawyer who informed me to bring any action I need to document this first with HR. If anything I will give the manager a headache. I don't care.

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Too old for retail update
by: Boxer the work horse

After I posted this message I contacted HR to discuss the issues. Long story short, HR was not at all helpful and when asked on why my hours were cut-(though there were several new hires) I could not get a straight answer. In the end HR informed me that would get in touch with the manager and call me later in the day to set up a meeting between management and myself. This did not happen-an hour or so after talking with HR I was contacted directly by the manager through email and was told first to let her know when a meeting would be possible-not 45 minutes after that email I received another that the meeting was set for today at 4 with the regional manager and herself. Needless to say I am not dumb and know when I am walking into a kangaroo court. The regional manager has not spoken with me privately or directly only the manager so basically it is two against one and my word against the manager's. I am emailing my resignation today- I am highly disgusted with the working world of today. Thank you for this forum and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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