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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Alive and Well, It Exists

by So Sad

My husband committed suicide over this issue; the perpetrators took my bright and personable husband and had him questioning his very sanity. It took its toll on our marriage and I could not convince him to quit the job or to seek counseling.

He informed management numerous times of what was happening, but the perpetrators, just like your articles state, became more powerful and influential. My husband was the sole person doing his job at a major company, one brief assistant resigned, saying his workload was that of four or five people at previous companies she had worked at. The work kept coming and coming and the perpetrators kept telling management how easy his job was.

When he died, the work was given to three people plus a contract company. I wonder who they bully now, since it appears the bully always finds another victim. When the coroner called me, I knew exactly what happened, it came as no surprise but it came with great sorrow that my husband would think these horrible people should have so much input into who and what he was and did.

We as a family are agonized beyond belief and cannot seem to find adequate insight into why this happened. Of course, the company wants to trivialize and wash their hands of it, despite my husband's oft reported incidents. His other coworker resigned and found other work... the commonality is that they were the only two workers of color in their departments.

The one who resigned was not going to let the company kill him also. Our hearts are with all of you who have been so victimized, the pain is unbearable at times and although we, somehow, are recovering and not in that place after his suicide, we are tortured and hurt with an undercurrent of prolific sadness everyday.

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Alive and Well, It Exists
by: Anonymous

I can only grieve with you for your terrible loss. I know only too well what bullies can do to erode an innocent soul. Bullying is a rampant disease eroding the heart of America. We must find a way to stop it at all levels.

Perhaps there is some way you can be invited to give talks to help educate people? I am sure if you once got "on the circuit" your invitations would snowball.

I am so sorry this had to happen to you -- and to all of the rest of us who are effected by yet one more bullying tragedy.

there are no words
by: Anonymous

Can not even begin to express what I am feeling for this person - it sounds like murder. How do we make these people accountable?

I am so sorry
by: susan

Your story is so sad. i konw how you feel - there have been 3 suicides in my family over the years - i know how this feels.

Also i have been a target of bullying in the workplace as well, so i know how that feels.

I think its so much harder on men than women for 2 reasons. if a woman is married and can afford it she can quit if she has to and find work elsewhere later. But men are suppposed to be tough. they are supposed to take it. If a man complains then people think he is a wuss.

My husbund is in management and has told me that some guy is getting harrassed and expects my husbund to do something about it. At first my husbund didn't think it was a big deal and thought the guy was a whiner. I have been sticking up for this guy and getting my hubby to see it in a different light. Just today he is going to discipline the bully!!! He is going to be written up.My husbund is not going to tolerate this behavior and is growing more aware of the severity of this problem in the workplace.

There is never an excuse for bullying and work places had better become more aware of this problem before terrible things happen. My heart goes out to you and your family. Bless you.

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